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Comparing Websites to those of Competitors


Greetings, I want to use this media to tell every one on fiverr about things that could possibly help them in doing their internet marketing perfectly with “zero competition”. I joined fiverr 8 months ago, but I’ve only sold for one month because I was using the other 7 months in trying to figure out what fiverr is and how to make my services the best amongs the gigs that exists on fiverr. I observed that most people on fiverr have websites that they are competing with, so I came up with a gig ‘analysing and optimizing your website’. However, I haven’t sold this gig because I think people do not really see it. After that gig, I came up with a master plan to help every one that orders it, it’s about comparing your website to a competitors. This gig will tell you the strength of your website as against a competitors, it will make you know where to start from in defeating your competitors website on search engines and otherwise. Besides these, I also convert websites into ebooks. I do other services too but for these ones I’ve written here, I think I’m the best one in the world currently who can do these services. You could contact me directly on fiverr using What do you think guys?