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Compensate more

What page do I go to pay more money for all the work the person did on my project?

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On the order page, assuming that you placed an order you have an option to tip your seller if that’s what you’re asking


Yes. I had to pay first before my project can start. I looked at the order page where I already paid. Is there a button I must click on to let me pay more?

You can pay more as a tip I guess! Or ask the seller to make a custom offer if your desired budget is not in the packages!

Ok. Tip sounds good. Thanks for your help.

Yes! Tip makes everyone’s day better! Have a great day! :slight_smile:

It’s at the delivery that it will give you the option to give a tip if you liked the job. If you are asking about paying more because you want more work from the seller, you can talk to them and they can add an extra of X$ if they agree to do it.

Check this out: