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Compensation on my order

Hi !

Hope everyone is doing well. Firstly, I’d like to say I’m enjoying Fiverr and I don’t want to be a downer, but I’d like to get some clarity.

I just completed my first gig and was disappointed with what I was paid. I charged the client $65 and fiverr is now telling me I only made $52.

I’d like to see a detailed invoice as to why I didn’t make the full $65 (I’m assuming fiverr must have taken the missing $13. I’d also like to know why when I was drawing up the custom invoice that there was no mention that fiverr would be taking a large percentage of the revenue.


you can contact to fiverr support

fiverr get 20% unless i’m very much mistaken

@kylebobguitar Fiverr is entitled to 20% of your sales revenue. This is written in the TOS.
When an order is completed you will receive the invoice amount less 20% Fiverr commission.

In your case its $65 - 20%($13) = $52.

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I see that someone didn’t read TOS that they signed and acknowledged that they read it and understood it :wink:

Jokes aside: you already got an answer that fiverr commission is 20% but I would advise you read fiverr rules to make sure you know what you signed up for, what are your responsibilities and what are fiverr responsibilities. In any business it is crucial to understand what will be your profit. Every mediator website charges you a comission and it’s your responsibility to make yourself aware of a contract that you are signing with them.

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Bro if fiverr give you full amount and not charge the fee, then How is possible to run such a big platform, fiverr charge 20% of an order even charge 20% from Tip when client give you that.