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Competed Order Cancelled by Fiverr

Hi Forum,

I had an order marked as complete by buyer.

They did not submit a change request.

Instead they sent me a private message which I missed requesting a changes.

This order was then cancelled by Fiverr support even though it was marked complete because the seller complained I did not make the requested changes.

Like ALL Fiverr sellers I monitor change requests via my NOTIFICATIONS and not my private messages. It seems a bit unfair to cancel an order which was marked complete.

So it seems at any time an order that has been marked complete, it can be retroactively cancelled if the buyer sends a private message to the seller and complains to Fiverr?

Who’s in the wrong and is there anything I can do, or should I just move on?

Just move on.

'Tis the way of things, unfortunately. There’s nothing that can be done about it now.

But don’t you check your messages and read your emails in Fiverr system? I do not understand how you would not see it. What if possible buyers are asking you questions about your gigs? ARen’t those in the same inbox?