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Competition is going to be More High!

Competition is going to be More High!!
As Pro Sellers getting high exposer already and Now, Studio will take extra advantage. So In the future Only organized sellers will survive here and others may kicked-out!!

This my assumption.


Pro sellers are offering their services at extremely high rates.

Studios, in order for a team of 4/5 people working together to be financially viable, will also likely be offering their services at an extremely high rate (possibly higher than Pros, effectively creating a design/development studio but without the hassle of a website).

There’s still going to be a place for those of us sole traders offering quality services at a lower price, and still plenty of opportunity to make good money doing so.

Plus, more exposure for Pros and Studios means more potential buyers coming to Fiverr. I see it as a positive!


This is a competitive marketplace.

Some categories are already super-saturated.

You are focusing on two segments that do not overlap with your market share or target audience AT ALL.

You are not in direct competition with either Pro sellers or Studios.

Organized sellers? What does that even mean? Sellers that make to-do lists and use post its?


You are absolutely, Right saying.:pensive:

Frank is correct. You are not in competition with Pro sellers and probably not with Studio sellers either unless you offer extremely high priced complex projects.

Pro Seller’s gigs start at $100. They are not your competition. Likewise, a team probably is going to charge at least $100.


@bestintheword please refrain from contacting me in private requesting illegal transactions.


OoOoOo this seems interesting.


The nerve of some people.

I cannot fathom how someone would think it’s a great idea to appear as if they are doing really well on here -they are not- and then flag my replies when I call them out on their BS only to finally have them messaging me in private, asking me if I can illegally provide them with a template file that’s sold online for $20.


I was correct, it was interesting. This forum is like a soap opera sometimes.:+1:


This studios thing is set up so badly.

There should just be a ‘supply chain’ option, where the buyer makes all the decisons about who to hire and approves all the work.

At least then rates for suppliers like us can accounted for properly - rather than resellers ripping other sellers off.


I personally don’t think that Pro seller effects normal seller competition. Both types of gig usually gets different type of buyers. I am skeptical about the Studio thing that just started. Looking forward to see how it develops.


Umm wouldn’t that be worse? Having the buyer making you collaborate with someone who not only you don’t know, but have no idea how they work and whether they are a good fit?

Who told you that sellers are being ripped off? I as a studio leader, can extend invitations to other sellers, and they state their price for their part of the process. Studios are not empowering one seller to sell at a high price point and then paying out the rest of the team as they see fit.

If I contact you to join my studio, you will name your own price.

It is I who will then have to take on the client end of the project and make sure everything goes smoothly.


Studio feature would help fiverr “house” more serious, bigger projects, I assume. It’s a good thing. I see jokes about “fiverr quality” all the time still and it’d be a nice prestige boost.


Don’t you think "Buyers will prefer “STUDIOS” to purchase gig. So other individual sellers will face tough time.

I do not feel like I am in competition with the Studios. That service is intended for larger jobs that involve a variety of services and skills. I provide two services. I am a proofreader and when times are slow I upause my letter writing gigs. I do not think I face “tough times” because of Studios, Pros or TRS gigs.


Like we keep telling you, the buyers that will be purchasing Studio gigs are not the same that would shop for regular gigs.

Studios exist to service bigger and more inclusive projects.

So there won’t be a studio offering logo design. There might be a studio offering branding, logo design, SEO, and packaging. For $5,000. How are they stealing your existing $5 client base?


No, I don’t think so. Most of my clients are indie bands, small theaters, small business, club promoters and so on. These people have limited budgets and usually a single person handling the approval process. I highly doubt they’ll be looking to hire a team to handle their event promotion.


I don’t think it’s a real threat… even though the positioning of the Studios on the top of the first page is a bit annoying. I don’t understand why the main gigs of the members of the studio are located next to the studio gigs, thus giving a double coverage in the same category.

For example, in my field, a studio offers translation and proofreading services in a package. I don’t see any reason to choose the overpriced gig of the studio over the gigs of the same or other sellers. In my opinion, proofreading has to be done by a different person, who’s not related to the creator of the studio and the translator just to avoid the conflict of interests.

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Some people will still want cheaper sellers though.

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I don’t feel $5,000 services are need here as much as protection from people who already claim to do videos AND voice overs, for instance.

I feel Fiverr would be better off allowing the buyer to pick every service they wanted, select ‘supply chain’ and then Fiverr sort the rest.

Just my opinion.