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Competition level on Buyers Request

Hey everyone,

I am fairly new to fiverr and am currently looking for my first order! I have looked at a bunch of tips all you guys have given and I can see that the best way to get your first sale is from the “Buyers Request” section. I have been trying to win one offer for quite a long time, yet i fail every time. As soon as someone post a request, within 10 seconds 20 other people have already made an offer. Basically, i want to see how you guys manage to win an offer from the buyer’s request? The competition is fierce and after a few minutes the amount of offers made is usually at 100!!!




First of all, you need to understand how the Buyer Requests work. You need to look at it from the Buyer’s perspective, what he sees, what he figures out. The best way of doing this is by sending a buyer request by yourself! Send one, related to your niche. See what sellers offer and how they put their wordings to stand out from the other 100 offers. See the best, learn to write and give offers like them.
Other tips will be to
1.Never copy paste your offers. This is what I have learnt from sending buyer requests as a buyer. Most people copy paste their offers without even reading my buyer requests. Their offers look foolish and dumb,and they have no idea what you are talking about when you contact them later on.
2. Always talk about the buyer’s job in your offer Make them feel involved. Use the terminology and words the buyers have used. Say things like “I can proofread your 150,000 words within a week, especially because I love the action genre which you have mentioned” if they buyer has requested to ‘Proofread my 150,000 words story of action genre’. You get what I mean?

In the end, good luck with your work. Don’t lose hope if you don’t get orders for a few weeks. Happens to most new freelancers.


Thanks heaps, after how long do you think the sales should pour in? I am getting quite a lot of clicks and impressions, i even have videos on my gigs?


Some sellers take months to get their first order.

This may be helpful to you:

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks heaps! Have a great day!

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