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Competition request from buyers - sellers should avoid!

You submit an offer to a buyer in the hope of your gig being ordered or you being contacted for more info. But, instead he sends you a link asking you to take part in a competition where he will choose the best seller after fulfilling his needs. This is one of the methods that few buyers use to fool the sellers and get their job done without paying for it. For example, you post a gig offering 500 facebook likes or twitter followers,etc… and you submit this offer to a random buyer. After an hour, you get a message asking you to join a competition where he will choose the best one. And the competition is to get 100 likes in half an hour for the link which he actually posted his request for. Few sellers, just to improve their level blindly accept it thinking that 100 is no big deal… but ten sellers taking up the competition and each offering 100 likes provides totally 1000 likes for the buyer… He got his job done and you get a message saying, “Sorry, I have selected somebody else” … so, avoid such competition requests for the betterment of your gig selling ratio and also avoiding yourself from getting fooled by such buyers…

Honestly, if I receive such a message, I immediately report buyer to CS!!

yeah… good that you do… coz recently , i came across such buyer… All that i told him was :- I m not interested in the competition… And in reply, he started abusing me and telling me that getting hired is not so easy…

I don’t know anyone who would be fooled by this or would work for free in hopes of receiving work later on. I hope you reported him immediately!

I too receive these kinds of messages. I simply do not respond because I don’t work for free! It would be a waste of time!

There are also buyers who order your gig, they post a positive review, and then they message you saying… hey could you please do… we will order later your gig…Again, don’t work for free…NEVER.

Remember-Never work until a buyer places an order !!!

It’s a gimmick and it’s used to great advantage (for the site/system owners) all over the internet. Unfortunately, there are always providers who are either desperate or in other situations where they can ‘afford’ to take the chance on producing work on speculation.

The only thing you can do is report it when it happens here. People have the right to do whatever they want; it just doesn’t matter if it puts others out of work or creates a grossly imbalanced market in any particular industry.