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Competition rising in fiverr

Hello good people!

I have noticed something that nowadays people all student and every one want to earn from home and want to be freelancer but some institute just give me them basic knowledge using tools of Photoshop and illustrator to get the course of graphics designing but end of the day them come to freelancing market place and do very unprofessional work or behavior.

They want to learn how to earn not how to be professional designer or professional service provider. They have interest to only money not the work they do!

What you think about it? I m wrong?

Fiverr is a Capitalism-based platform. Anyone can offer a service here, no matter how skilled they are in that service. The sellers that can prove their skills, appeal to their customer base, and earn top reviews tend to be successful here. The sellers that have no skills to support their claims usually do poorly here. In a capitalistic environment, the buyers tend to weed out the good sellers from the bad. The good sellers rise to the top and gain more orders, the bad sellers that do not have professional skills tend to be forgotten.


but for a moment the are pulling the buyers and gave them the low price service and they have mind set that they can do the work in low price for only that seller. and they are the competition.

So, That means no one can guarantee the success of each sellers even if the seller lowering their prices, am I right?

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Correct. There are no guarantees of sales or success here on Fiverr.


Ughh, my heart’s beating so fast right now.

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Of course not. This is not a socialist platform. As in any business no one can guarantee you success. You might even take and follow absolutely the same steps as Jeff Besos but still fail.

World is changing. Our generation also is not following our grandpas career paths. The world is evolving and people are changing, their values are changing. For our generation it’s more difficult to make a great career and still to be able to support and the whole family with just a man in the family working alone and still to have a house and a car etc. Most of new generation in Europe will actually never be able to buy a house or flat because of the inflation and other factors. So priorities changed for this generation and they will change again for next generation. Right now a lot of young kids looking at their future and making a choice to work for themselves and live a digital nomad life instead of working for someone all their life and still be unhappy, not to see the world and never enjoy their life.

Is it more competition for you? Of course. There are a lot of talantes people out there but one thing I can tell for sure: If they care only about money and not quality they will never will be able to make it a freelance life, they just going to fail.


I m concern about one thing that is the price value of work they are pulling down the price for each work and each service. if they don’t offer low price then buyer should not ask for low price. its true maintain the quality with the price its a change but somehow a high paid buyer also want to cost low for same service.

That was happening all the time. Not only now. 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago and even before that. It’s happening not only with freelancer but with any business even offline. There is always competition.

There is enough buyers for each niche and each price point. You’ll get clients that you are targeting. Some people don’t care about quality and just want to get in cheap and only those will go for cheap services. There is always going to be someone asking you to lower your prices but you don’t have to because those people are not your target audience. Chanel, D&G, Hugo Boss and all other premium brands are not lowering their prices just because now anyone can open their online store with clothes from chine. They still have their clients from their target audience.


so in one word need to FIGHT .


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Huhu, yeah you’re right and that’s what I thought, I mean, the technology’s already around us, the smartphone, the app, and etc. The developer making a thousands or maybe a tons of app for people in this world that every person can easy to use; for example; making your own business card, logo, video maker, making your own website in just few clicks, translator, creating business name, converter app and more. That’s means everyone can solved their own project by him/herself, even kids can do it by self because what they need to have is just imagination/creativity.


So saaaaad to know the reality but better knowing the reality than never.

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its not about being upset its about how hard is going day by day and how changing happening, we need to compete and work hard rather then sitting down and watching others success.


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Like others have said, competition is everywhere these days. I’m not sure what the courses are like at other schools, but the school I went to was very vigorous with teaching us how to use design programs. Plus our instructors worked in the field and kept us up to date on the industry.

Plus one can’t assume that these students are relying solely on their school knowledge of said programs. I’ve been around fiverr since they first came onto the scene and observed how quickly the needs of clients change over the course of a few months. I went from writing poetry and simple drawings to articles and illustrations.

Yes competition is fierce but you can’t focus on a single platform for generating income; I learned this early on. Everyone has to start somewhere.


“We need to differentiate between happiness and luxury”

ugh…ugh…ohh…ohhh…my God.

yes exactly they need to start …
i agree

Right! We should be learn more professional work as your niche or category. But Fiverr are not only marketplace. Fiverr have big learning platform “Learn from Fiverr” There have more category professional course if you want to do this course purchase. You can learn best quality and professional work. Thank you.