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Competition should be Quality based or Price based?

Please dont mind guys, I cant understand how some one can provide 2.5K backlink at only $5, what will be the quality of those links, Should the buyers focus only on lower price ???
Of course some service can be offered at $5 , but 2.5K backlinks !!! where are wee going ??

However Apple never think to reduce price to get new customers, they think to improve Quality of products, thats why- Apple is “Apple”
You all are invited to visit my GIG and I will appreciate your suggestions me for better quality and services but not price please.


If you want to advertise your gigs then you should move it to “my fiverr gigs” category


Thanks for your Trillion Dollar’s suggestion …:grinning:

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Man buyers offer something that takes a lot of time and resources, but they charge very little.

A strong seller will do the opposite OR do something scalable. You don’t want time and resources to limit you to a small income.

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My basic gig pricing is 10$


Your GIGs are nice … Go ahead, All the best

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Thank You, good luck to you then👍