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Competitive reviews


I saw a youtube video there a top rated seller was saying that if u r a new seller and you are not getting orders go to your competitor sellers’ gigs and contact the frequent buyers and offer them your services…
My question is will it be right to do this? Secondly buyer’s accounts donot contain CONTACT ME button…how can one contact them
Comment please


That is considered as spam and is not allowed. Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so that you know the rules.


TRS? That’s just great! :smirk:

@nausheenzahra Can I send you a PM?


And in the message section you don’t even have an option to create a new message to a person unless he/she is added to your contact list.
It’s spamming.


I get a lot of those from sellers after I buy and review certain services. I now make sure to report them to CS immediately and will never, ever buy from them. Those people who do it are just ******** - I cant stand it!


It will allow it if the buyer is also a seller. I’ve been contacted a time or two before and I hated it every time.