Competitors leaving negative feedbacks


Couple of days ago, someone purchased one of my gigs and as soon as I delivered it, left me a negative review. Didn’t even ask me to modify work, just as soon as the order was delivered, a negative review was left. I contacted the buyer asking what went wrong and that I want to solve their problem to ensure that they get what they paid for. But no reply. It sounds like they purchased my gig just to leave me a negative feedback. I feel like it’s a competitor who did this.
Has situations like this ever happened to you?


Look at the gigs they offer - if these are in your niche, chances are you’re right. Worth taking lots of screenshots and booking a ticket to the Customer Support land.

In the future, simply don’t accept jobs from any potential competitors (do your research straight after getting an order!) unless they are able to provide a good reason for ordering something they can do themselves.

Of course, in some cases dudes are just outsourcing, which may or may not be acceptable for you, but often it’s just playing dirty.


Google search their username as well, to see if there’s a pattern, if they’re leaving similar reviews on the same gig with different sellers then chances are they are a competitor and using underhanded tactics, best to screen shot everything and send it to CS :slight_smile:


That’s just an assumption. Also, buyers will leave negative feedback with little to no reason at all. It happens to the best of us, and I wouldn’t recommend pointing fingers at anyone else you have some hard evidence. Take the issue to Customer Support.

Like I said, these things happen.


As you had suggested, I did a research on to this customer and found a feedback left by this customer on another gig of another seller which is also offering the similar services to mine. That feedback was also a negative one and the feedback message is exactly the same one the customer left on my gig.