Complain about scammers, get a 'final' warning on my account


Thanks, Fiverr!

Very appreciated!

I mean, I have no idea what the warning is for. It is:

“manipulate or find workarounds to ‘trick’ our system”

I can’t recall doing that at all. The only thing I can think of is people who are canceling then placing multiple orders (not because I asked them but because they didn’t realise it gave negative)

If that is the case, Fiverr is punishing me for that, but they are not punishing their top rated buyers.


I guess in 48 hours, they can respond to my ticket and i’ll find out what the warning is for. Let’s hope I don’t do whatever I did again in that time.

(the warning came the second they read my ticket about the scammers)

I delivered a gig ‘blank’ accidentally. I don’t think it is that, though. The customer is a regular customer and he wouldn’t report that.

Those warnings really need to be more descriptive.

Either it is:

  1. Because I complained about the scammers
  2. Because the person I accidentally delivered to blank reported me…whcih I doubt. Seriously doubt.
  3. As people who cancel have placed multiple orders after cancellation.
  4. Could be me complaining at the people who cancel for late delivery when they have received some of their content?

The third is the only one I can think of that ‘manipulated’ the system, but I didn’t even ask them to do it.

If they think that is manipulating the system, though. They should think about those people placing multiple orders at once then cancelling when some of the content has been delivered so I get multiple negative feedbacks.



Or maybe it is because I have offered multiple gig extensions in a row?

I am not that inclined to deliver content now, to be honest. Until I know what I have done wrong, my account could be blocked at any time, meaning any work I do will not result in any money for 90 days.


I think it is because there have been too many late order cancellations, that is the single biggest reason I think. I can’t think of anyone on Fiverr who has so many late order cancellations. I hope this issue gets resolved and when it does, increase your delivery time.



I asked. They just got back to me.

They won’t tell me what the warning is for, just that I manipulated the system AND somebody reported it. It is annoying because without knowing how I manipulated the system, I can’t prevent myself doing it again. The only thing I can think of is the guy where I blank delivered, but I told him I did that the second I delivered (it was an accident, i meant to just send a message, but got caught up in a routine)

I do wish the warnings were more descriptive.


Apparently it was because I offered a bonus on late deliveries as a way of saying thank you.


I can’t imagine how you can trick the system. Trick it for what purpose? Is it a new thing that people are tricking the system? I really don’t understand what that even means.
Offering a bonus on a late delivery isn’t tricking the system. It’s customer service.

I don’t understand the number 3 reason you gave but that might look suspicious somehow.


She said that it is a way to manipulate feedback.

I don’t give a crap if people leave negative feedback after I give a bonus.

Everybody does it. I have ordered about 10 gigs here, and people always have thrown in a bonus to say sorry if things were delayed or just as an extra bonus.

I don’t even know WHO would report me for giving away bonus content.

Why would somebody who received free content contact customer support?

I haven’t even given away a bonus in weeks. The people who have received a bonus are regular customers. Nobody who was offered a bonus cancelled on me, so they can’t have reported it like that.

The only thing I can think of is that they are going through my messages, but they also said somebody reported me. If that is the case, somebody received free content. Left a positive feedback and then reported me, but I can’t see that happening.


They could still leave negative feedback unless you asked them not to?

They have free will.


Yes, and I wouldn’t fight against it. Well, I would be irritated and wonder why and ask them, but still.

This is just annoying to me, as I have been complaining to them about the scammers for weeks (people who are still active on the site) and they do nothing. Yet, I deliver a gig, give a couple of free articles out to say sorry, and I get punished for that too?



Well as long as you do not ask them not to leave negative feedback then I don’t see how giving a bonus is tricking the system. Are they saying you are not allowed to give a free bonus?

You have 61 orders in your queue. I doubt they will do anything to punish you.


This is all she said:

“Although I trust your intentions are good, and you were perhaps only trying to compensate for “falling far behind”, as you put it, please know that this kind of action is against our Terms of Service, and whenever we “catch” sellers doing it, we automatically give them warnings (without exceptions).”

“If you continue doing this, yes, you will keep getting warnings, and then at one point your account can get blocked/restricted because of the excessive warnings. I hope it does not come to this.”

She also says I can no longer ask for positive feedback when I deliver as that is manipulative. On every delivery I note:

“If you are happy with the content, feel free to leave positive feedback. If not, let me know why you were not happy”

Apparently, that needs to be stopped too as it is breaking the ToS.

So from now on:


here is your gig.



That’s why, the main reason I think. We are not supposed to ask for “positive” feedback.

We can just say if you were pleased please leave a review.


Some of the CS agents use “trick the system” in place of “manipulate.” Some of the staff who review this stuff are more sensitive than others. I think most of them would consider an empty delivery as manipulation or a ToS violation, but some are much more touchy. They’ll send you a notice for any sort of offer that is made when an order is overdue or revisions have been requested since the touchy ones seem to feel that those offers are still intended to bribe the buyer and avoid a poor review or a new order. They will also sometimes tell you that you were reported when it means that someone on staff was reviewing your activity and “reported” you to T/S or Editorial.

It seems to me that they go overboard on some of those manipulation warnings, but I’ve never seen any account with so many late cancellations, so you might be on the radar in a big way. On the other hand, someone on staff is in your corner for sure. Most sellers would be dropped from search or otherwise penalized for not making any necessary adjustments to avoid all those negatives.

I know you probably don’t feel a bit lucky since you’ve had some true hardships along the way, but I think you’ve got some amazing benefits given the situation and the lack of adaptation. My guess is that they don’t penalize you more because you bring so much business, although that hasn’t protected everyone in this position.


She said it was def the free content thing. That was more of a side note.

Well, a few more people have been promised free content. She said I will get an account warning on those, so not much I can do. Kinda shouldn’t have told her.


They really do help you. I’m sure if I asked why it was happening I wouldn’t get an explanation like you did. As fonthaunt said, someone is in your corner.


It wasn’t down to the empty delivery.

It was because I offered free content for the delay. Every seller I have ever encountered does it. Ah well.

It was likely I that reported myself when I delivered the gig empty, as I told them I accidentally did it. The gig had a bonus offered on it.

Man. They are really annoying people if they report me to Trust & Safety for that.


That’s the reason - you are not supposed to ask for positive feedback, Use the words positive and feedback together the system gets alerted. I don’t think anyone reported you, it is because of those words.


Nah. She said that was a side note. She said it was def the offering of free content and that I should never do it again.

It was I that reported myself when I sent in a ticket about an order.


Whoa, that’s really awful.

I can’t possibly imagine how frustrated you must feel @ryangillam

So let me get this straight: offering a higher level of customer service puts us at jeopardy?

I sometimes add a gig extra or two if I feel the buyer is a bit grumpy or if I deliver really close to my projected deadline and they were impatient the whole time.

But I do that because I want to add value not because I expect or ask for a review in exchange.

And I can totally understand you comping them when you deliver late as well. It makes sense business wise.

Is that gaming the system now?


This is what she said (the reason for the warning)

“Let’s just say that it is against Fiverr’s policies for Sellers to solicit feedback changes from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit.”

I have never solicited a feedback change by giving free content. Not that I receive many negative feedbacks bar the cancellations anyway, So, it was down to offering the bonus content for the delay.

She said they warn without exception, so if you are delivering bonus content, stop now.

I know that none of the people I have offered a bonus to are going to change up their feedback based on that bonus. It is only for regular customers for ‘sticking’ with me.