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Complain after good quality work


So, I an Level1 seller and have positive feedback from my customers… Untill today.

My story is about one user who have received the good quality work (I am very confident in this words).
User _____ have ordered the servise that was about the schedule.
So, currently the schedule was very hard to deliver and was overloaded in some days and not loaded in another days. The task was to fix it. There were couple of requirements (provided them below) that was met upon completion the job.

Below i am providing the task, the current schedule (this was additionaly provided by me just to understand the problem and found the solution) and the solution schedule. The main document here is the solution schedule.
(all of the documents that were in conversation are attached)

this is current schedule

the schedule is for people who work on shift
the numbers represent different people
total workers is 5

the problem statement is this:

  • every worker should have two consecutive day offs
  • two flexible shift workers from total 5 workers
  • 24 hours coverage.

I’ve provided this schdule, see below

with these comments:
This excel file consist of couple of tabs inside.
First one is your current schedule and it is only for comparing and problem identification, so you may not needed and can delete it as it was information purpose only.

The tab Revised is the one that you need.
_This is your schedule. _
As requested all information have been incorporated into schedule:
two consecutive day offs,
two flexible shift workers,
24 hours coverage.

The schedule is named by numbers, so you can change to worker names. Each day of the week have been splitted to four pieces by time (from … to …). Every shift worker will be on shift when his name (number in our case) is under certain time period of each day. Vacation have been separated to the bottom of the table to emphasize the vacation section. Approved overtime section shows the day and shift where anyone from NOT LISTED on this particular day shift workers can come to work.

additionally i’ve provided this schedule for different view.

Also, excell document was optimized for printing.

User at the end said that why you do not use formulas, you do not know excel and called me scammer.

Please kindly review the schedule I’ve provided and let me know what goes wrong in here?
My position is obvious, but want to know your opinion also.
User was late in responding to messages and starts compaining after order was delivered and marked as completed. Also, his offensive language was inapropriate.
What are your thoughts?

Thank you in advance.


I’m not into the the details of Excel I’m afraid.

Back to your order - did the buyer ask for modifications? Fiverr have been known to suggest that sellers make modifications if they’ve been promised, even after the order is marked as complete.

The review you left the buyer may indeed be what you feel, but doesn’t come across as being professional. The last sentence in particular could result in your gig being suspended. If I were you I’d change it if I could.


If you know you did it correctly as he asked then you have nothing to worry about.


But he has ruined my reputation
he gave me bad mark reiting


I will change the review, what about reiting?
what you will recommend about reiting?
give him 5 or same as he give me 1?


But he has ruined my reputation
he gave me bad mark reiting


That’s up to you, and I know my opinion would vary from others.

How about removing this bit ‘So, clearly understandible that the buyer was trying to retrieve the money back after receiving the service. Try to avoid nishat92.’

and replace it with something along the lines of ‘I’m disappointed the buyer didn’t appreciate the quality of my work as much as my previous buyers have’.

Buyers can leave whatever rating they feel is deserved - you can ask the buyer to change their review through the resolution centre on the order page.


do not think that i will ask him to do so.
But i’ve modified the review and added your comment.
thank you


I’d actually edit the review to say:

“I am very upset with this review. I over delivered and I have proved this by having the work in question peer-reviewed by long-standing Fiverr community members. This buyer wanted his work for free. I’m sorry but I do not allow myself to be held hostage by scammers.”

Accepting that you are at fault when a buyer is trying to get work for free or leave an unjustified review just propagates this kind of behavior. I personally go all out giving as good as I get. I do not care if I deter potential buyers because they don’t like how I give people a talking down after leaving a negative review. I want it made absolutely clear that I do not give refunds and do not acquiesce to scumbagery behavior from buyers who want 10 x the work they are willing to pay for or a free job done,

Also, this works for me.


Each to his own! :slightly_smiling_face:

I did say my opinion would vary form others, also, the OP only has a few reviews, so possibly better not to rock the boat so early in their Fiverr career?


I like this for a review of the buyer.


Have it on me as an early Thanksgiving present. :gift: