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Complain against Buyer


Hi sir i got a problem with one buyer. He didn’t asked for modification and give negative comment my rating fell down from 97% to 83%. Now she is willing to remove negative comment by paying back his budget. Please pay back his budget and remove his negative comment from my profile. Thank you so much


Don’t call out other users by name.


Good day,

Sorry to hear about this… First off, you need to delete the buyer’s name, as it’s not allowed per forum rules. Secondly, there is no way in which to refund half a buyer’s payment. You can either cancel the entire order and hope the buyer will buy again OR leave it as is.

Good luck.


Hi OK sir i have removed buyer name please refund his budget and remove his comment from my profile. Thanks


This is not a customer support forum.

Everyone here is like you. So you can expect suggestions.

For refund, you can see the order page > Resolution centre > Cancel the order.


how can i reach to resolution center?


Resolution Tab is on the order activity page. You can find it next to the Activity Tab on the top left side of the page…


Message your client, tell him that if he removes the negative review, you’ll refund his order. You can also initiate the refund yourself which will remove the review if he accepts, but that won’t raise your rating.

I think the reason your rating dropped so hard was because you only had 5 reviews.


Hi Sir,
I complaint against a buyer who is also a seller on Fiverr. He give me an order and appreciated my work but he refused to accept my finished work regardless he was asked for further changes on an order and I had revised it. Now he is fraudulently asking for cancellation and if I do not cancel it, he is telling for giving poor reviews.
Kindly take any action about that.


what is this, i don’t understand anything, this seller just asking to remove the negative feedback here… but why he not contact with that buyer through message.


Hi Sir,
I had completed order and got buyer’s positive comments and 5 stars review one month ago, but now i have received notification to cancellation order and refund fund to the buyers. I think, i was mistaken press a button in my mobile’s fiverr app. Now i have to return amount. I am also busy for my thesis preparation. Please help me out for this problem. Order Number is Order #FO2367EFB0D5. I would be thankful to you for this great help.


Hello, is this the “banging your head against a brick wall” advice thread, or did I get lost?



No, you are not lost. This is exactly the thread you described.


This is not the right place. No one here can help you. Contact Customer Support. One method for this is to go to and click the upper-right hyperlink to submit a ticket. Or, click here to create a ticket:


Heh. Could be a good gig idea! (“I will bang my head against a brick wall several times for $5”)


I might buy that as long as there’s a video included.


“1 star–seller appears to be brain damaged. I want a refund!”


Please help me there is a buyer i want fiverr to take complete action about it. He asked me to the work in just 5$ i agree and i do his work a bit late but i do it at the end . Then he asked me that this is not the work there is some things missing when then i correct it . Then he say i want to cancel the order because i want the simple work not complex (i have chats).He canceled my order and rise the cancellation rate . Please help me this buyer name is readysetplay. I dont want his back but please remove the cancellation.


I have serious issue, i worked from one week on the project, but buyer is not accept my order even his requirements are cleared. Let me know can i contact to fiverr support please for this issue


Hello, I have serious issue, The buyer is not accepting my order, even his requirements are cleared, i gave full dedications to his project and worked on it from one week. Let me know please can i complain against that buyer on fiverr support please?