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Complain against Buyer

one buyer ordered my gigs and explain his requirements using 3 points.
I did all and delivered it and not late. but he modified order and add new requirements
I said that I can not your new requirements then he said if you can not do this he cancel the order

so what I do now
please help me

You may need to modify your description to include how many revisions you will include for your base gig. At this point I suppose you need to decide if you want to just let him cancel (I’d hate to be stuck with this increasing list of demands, too, I get it.) or if you want to appease the customer. Are his requests particularly outlandish, then?

You need to decide for yourself whether you’re prepared to do the revision or not. I guess he doesn’t want to pay more. Do you need the review more than the money? Do you think he’ll still give you a glowing review? Does it bother you that you’re left with this Hobson’s Choice?

For me it would really depend on the order and how I felt at the time.

My advise is to send him a custom order when he asks for more. The designer I hire always tells me when he needs more money and I gladly pay him more since I know he deserves it.

For this time, do what he says. It will help you to grow your reputation. A good review will definitely have it’s perks. But, if he keeps requesting modifications, he might not review your work at all. In this case, Undo everything you’ve done and cancel the order.

You can sense if the client is willing to help you out with a positive rating. If he threatens you in anyway, cancel the order and remove all the codes you’ve added to his website.

Once the order is cancelled, he won’t be able to post negative reviews or anything.