Complain on Seller


How do i lodge a complain on a seller who refuses the payment via fiverr and only wants to deal with bitcoin payment mode!

I did few jobs here in fiverr previously with great satisfaction…but fiverr is being tarnished by few people in here who do not follow the basic rules.




You can do so by creating a ticket/request with CS. You can contact them here


Tanx bro:+1:

Some of this guys are out here to scam
Need to teach them a lesson


If the buyer already booked your gig then Fiverr has already received their money. :moneybag: You will receive the :money_mouth_face: 14 days after the gig is completed.

Your buyer should not be bargaining with you about sending you payment in any other form than Fiverr allows.

Note: There was a time when Fiverr accepted Bitcoin as a payment, but they no longer do.


Vickie, the OP is a buyer. He’s complaining because his seller wants payment outside Fiverr’s system.


Oops my bad! :roll_eyes: That is truly going to get that seller into trouble! :flushed:


I think you can deal with another seller, I am pretty sure that there are thousands of different and talented sellers.


Don’t worry, I’ve done worse things like answering on a mistaken thread :joy:


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This guy does not want to accept payment through fiverr…only bitcoin.
When i insisted i want to do the payment via fiverr he did not want to accept the job and ask me to get it done elsewhere:rage:


You can also report the seller via the “report” button on the seller’s profile.



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@maitasun corrected my misunderstanding on that. After you contact CS I think he will lose his account.


I know we are told this, however direct contact works better. I once flagged a gig where the image was taken of a man completely naked from the back. :flushed:

I flagged it and the gig still stayed up for days. :roll_eyes: So finally I sent screenshots, to CS. It was very quickly removed. :wink:

I found the gig while looking under “Fun and Lifestyle” category for crafts I might want to buy. :crazy_face:



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I made that same comment a few months ago when someone spoke of using the flag in a gig to report an issue. If there is something that urgently needs attention my point is to contact directly contact CS. I took out the :poop: and nudity reference and now it is back.

My post was not flagged then. :thinking:


This “report” button is a new feature rolled out some days ago. It’s not flagging, it’s reporting and will be checked by the Trust staff. I think this is thought to lighten up a bit CS’s work load.

It seems we’re back to the days of the holy inquisition… :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I’m glaaaaadddddd your comment is back!!! :grinning: