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Complains about the Service desk: who to contact?

Hi guys,

I have contacted the support desk for resolution of a dispute between me and a seller. One of our sellers has delivered plagiarised work, thus we have request the seller to cancel the Gig and refund us. But the seller does not want to cancel the gig. We have tried any means of resolution with him, but now we are in a deadlock.

So I contacted the support desk (ticket id: #1120672 ) and we have been assigned to someone called “Sheana”. I feel like she is just answering the questions randomly just to achieve her deadline targets or it could be the case that Fiverr is using some sort of bot to answer the gigs. Because none of her answers make any sense and are not related to the questions.

Two weeks have passed since I have contacted the support desk and this is becoming very frustrating. Now I have this support employee whose only answer is “ask the resellers to cancel the gig”, even though I have told her multiple times that the reseller does not agree on that. My deadline for resolution is approaching (according to the Fiverr rules you have 13 days for that). What should I do?

I have the following questions:

  1. Are there any other people who have similar experiences with the service desk of Fiverr?
  2. What should I do in case there are issues with the service desk? (Fiverr does not have any option for escalation or requesting different service desk employees)

    Please help me out here…

Hi guys,

Thank you for your reply. I have extended (requested for modification) like 8 times already and last time i was just not on time enough: after 3 days the status automatically changes to “delivered”. However, i just want this issue to be sorted and i expect a proper support from the service desk.

Yep, I did provide extensive proof of plagiarism, when she asked. But after that, she asked me sort it out with the seller.

Yes, I also ask for elevation of the ticket, and the reply (of course) was: “Did you ask the seller to cancel the order?” She did not even reply to my questions and remarks.

I am going to start a new service desk ticket about the service desk ticket. I just hope that it will not get assigned to @Sheana.

Will keep you posted.

Yes i am the same issue. I my self thought that there are bot there which copy and paste paragraph for me to all my question.
CS didnt answer properly and there is no other place to contact and ask for help.

  1. What do you mean 13 days rule? Why you do not ask mutual cancellation? Even if the person doesn’t accept it.,… you ask mutual cancellation or Request modification every time the seller press Delivery.

He will see that he is wasting time. Maybe in this time you can sort this problem with Customer Support.

Reply to @dexblog: Fiverr has a note somewhere in the ToS or help (I can’t recall where right now) that states that refunds are offered up to 14 days or whenever the funds clear to the seller. That is my best guess on what they mean, since they are apparently fighting for a refund when the order was complete some time ago.

@couponnetjes - if the gig was never marked complete, you still have plenty of time to work it out. If you marked it complete or allowed the gig to autocomplete after the 3 day delivery period, this is confusing. The “14 day” issue should only apply on completed orders. You can always click cancel or request a modification before a gig completes, and if the seller re-delivers or refuses the cancel you can click again.

You do need to realize that there are limitations on the reasons a buyer can insist on a refund. What made you certain it was plagiarism? If a good checker like CopyScape shows 80-100% match for plagiarism with a clear link to the original, that would make sense as a reason for dispute. If the checker shows only a %5-20% match, that can happen due to quotes or common phrases. Everything in the middle depends on the exact issue. Did the order ever go to complete?

Regarding your other question about Customer Support, you can certainly ask to have the ticket elevated to the supervisor or ask to be transferred to another representative. In my experience, they will generally be glad to hand you off to someone else on your request. Have you done that? I do not know of any other repercussions you have. How much did you spend on the gig?

Reply to @couponnetjes: Good luck. My honest advice is, if the gig didn’t cost much, it may not be worth the effort. I’ve had good luck with all the CS reps overall, but my tickets are usually basic and if they don’t go my way, I try to move on.

Fiverr has a smaller staff than many people think and there are growing pains for sure. The only other thing I can add is that there really are some excellent sellers here, but you have to do your research, don’t buy what is too good to be true, and chalk up some small losses to get some big bargains. I know that is hard to do, though.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Well that is issue: I paid more that 180 dollars for this Gig. :frowning:
Yes, there are many good sellers and I work with more than 10 at the same time. Most of the time they deliver excellent gigs. I also spend a lot of time researching them. For example, i gave this guy first a small job and he delivered a good work. He’s reviews were also ok. So than i decided to place a bigger order. And that was my miss take. I will never place big orders at Fiverr again, considering my experience with the service desk.