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Complaint about designer


This is my first purchase with Fiverr for a logo, the designer has been so poor but has amazing reviews. The examples of work he has on his profile do not reflect on my logo design. I have gone through revisions but they are very poor and I am now questioning his skills and account. How can I formally complain as he was quite expensive and I have paid upfront for work no where near the standard he has on his account.


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Welcome to the Fiver forums.

Two possibilities, based on your order: does the delivery meet all the criteria of the order and the gig description?

If it does, then unfortunately, there’s not much you can do, as per the Terms of Service.
If it does not, you can either request revisions asking the seller to meet the criteria, or request a cancellation through the resolution center citing the lack of met criteria. Again, per the Terms of Service.

(I can cite the sections, if you like.)


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