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Complaint about the platform

I want to make a complaint regarding the platform. I feel that as a seller you don’t care about our rights. Customers place orders and often the wrong ones and then we sellers are the ones who suffer. I would like to see this problem solved. Buyers need to speak with us first before placing the order, to avoid situations where I get the order overdue, being the only one affected. Another thing, we live in different countries so there is often a big gap in time difference and you immediately put a bad rate on the response time. Either these situations are changed or I withdraw my account. Cause I feel like the sellers don’t care for you, just the buyers, that’s not fair.


You are on the point. let’s see what other person says.

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Raise the prices on your gigs and in the description ask customers to contact you before placing an order so you can make sure the gig they choose is correct for there request. That’s pretty much all you can do. All of us sellers have had customers choose a low priced gig option & the request would be way outside the scope of the gig. I noticed that never happens with my 35$ gig lol. Nobody ever accidentally chooses that.


On my description I ask the clients to talk to me first but I don’t know if they really read it. That shouldn’t be only solution. Here they charge the fee for what? They need to improve that.

Thank you soo much for your comment.

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yes and no … if the description of the gig is clear and the buyer is actually following it , it shouldn’t be a problem

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If you type “buyer orders without contact first” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


That’s not true. You are given 24 hours to respond a message so even if they message you at night you have at least 12 hours to respond.

I get 90% of my messages at my night however my response time is still 2 hours and it’s the same for a lot of other sellers because you respond one message in 16 hours and another one in 2 minutes the average response time will be quite low.


Yes technically you are correct. Sometimes people just don’t read the gig description. Occasionally I still get orders from folks that don’t message me. It’s going to happen. I had suggested a short grace period for Fiverr sellers to approve or decline an order if it’s outside the scope of the gig. Also customers make mistakes, if they choose the wrong gig we should be able to correct that without getting punished for a cancellation.

It is clear. This is not first time that happen to me.

Thank you for your comment.

Sorry but with me it appears the actual time. I know what I’m talking. It is great that it doesn’t happen with you.

Thank you for your comment.

One time a client asked for the wrong gig. I told her, she cancelled and accept the right offer. But in the end I had 1 star review on that one that she canceled. That gives me a bad image.

Thank you, I will definitely do that. I really need solutions.

Thank you for your time, I truly appreciate it .