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Complaint against the editor who did poor work on my book and now he is not repl

I had placed an order for [Username Disallowed], He took $ 150 from me to edit my book. He was rushing to complete the order but was not listening to me. I sent him a wrong document by mistake but next day I came to know I told him to work on the one I’m sending you now but he kept on working on the same one saying I want to finish my work, which was of no use to me. Now as he has finished his work I found a lot of, lot of mistakes, I told him to help me do my work but he was not replying me.So I am not at all satisfied with his work. Please, I want to take $ 100 back from him because the work h has done costs only $ 50. Please help me get back money from him so that I can hire someone else to complete my work. I’m new here so I do not know the proper way to complaint against him.

You sent him what you wanted him to edit. He did the work. It is not his fault you sent the wrong thing and you cannot get him to edit two books by claiming you sent the wrong one. No one makes that kind of mistake. It sounds like you want him to edit two books for the price of one.

Now that he has done the work you say it should have only cost $50 after you agreed to pay $150. What reason do you think you should get back $100?
I think you are not going to get back anything as he did as you wanted, at the price you agreed with him on.

I have to agree with misscrystal, its not his fault he got the wrong book. But, if I was was him I would have taken the % of book I had already edited and switched to the new one and only do the remaining percentage, giving you what you had previously agreed upon.

Him not responding is also not professional, but it is possible you two were not working together well and he considered you a toxic buyer, and hence has blocked you after he did the work.

If you really feel the need to report him, do so with Customer Service, which can be found at the bottom of every page labeled “Help”. They will look at both sides, the entire conversation, and decide whether or not he was at fault.

Next time before placing an order, make sure to double check all the files prior to sending them. This is not amazon.

Sorry, but Misscrystal is right. You sent one file by mistake. Ok, this happens. However, you can’t expect someone to do a days work for free because of your own error, especially if the files in question ate for 2 x different books.