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Complaint registered 1 month ago still no reply

It’s more than a month now, fiverr support still not replied to my query. They listened to buyer in some hours & canceled the order. Now the buyer got work & money. And he blocked me once got refund & even he is using the content, even shamelessly he contacted me after refund on next day to ask something about it he unblock & ask after I told him you cancelled the order & still using it, you don’t have any right to use the content now, then he blocked me again. Basically fiverr support doesn’t help sellers at all, but they listen to buyers on priority basis.

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Should you have a proof of that, attach it to open ticket. I guess it´s the only way how to get piad evenutally.

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Yes I have proof but to where I attach it?? They didn’t reply to me yet & I wrote everything there. If I attach or reply something there then they will again add me in que.

Open the request in and if the ticket is still open, you can attach your proof to new message.

In case that ticket is closed, you may use “create a follow up” option.

Ticket is still open as I already told you that they never replied. And, I can’t add new reply to it as they will again add me in que. Already it’s more than a month I don’t think so they will reply.