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I’m seeking a way to complaint seller from fiverr.

Let me know the way to do so.


@dannywolf Go to Customer Support and submit a ticket.


Hi guys. I’ve been wondering if there is a way to make a seller fulfil an order, or if not — to recieve a completely fair negative feedback.

After the deadline had passed, the seller promissed to deliver the order the next day but didn’t. No answers, nothing whatsoever. She’s got a lot of orders in queue though. I can understand that. But ignoring a straight question about the delivery time — not. I guess canceling order help her to avoid negative feedback and she’s just wanting for me to cancel.


Thanks for the answer. Just want to bring her down to earth (she’s a top rated seller)


Contact customer support. They will help you out.


Reply to @wayfarer89:

If you don’t want to affect her ratings, you can do a mutual cancellation.


I was in an accident last fall and naturally you’re not able to send out messages to clients from the hospital. When I got back 5 orders had expired and my ratings completely were in the gutter (been working my way back up since). Fiverr’s policies are such that I had to suck it up and I looked irresponsible even when there was nothing I could have done.

Maybe you wait a bit, if she has high ratings there is a reason. Maybe she was in an accident or something bad happened like it did with me.