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How can I make official complaint against Fiverr itself. Not only do there overtly exhibit shocking customer experience you can experience, I am beginning to think they are cheats too and they only care about the money they make especially when I have beg them to refund my funds back for 3 weeks. So any suggestions?


Well, some more details wouldn’t go amiss…


Fiverr is an international company. I’m not aware of an international business regulatory agency that takes complaints. Fiverr will not refund money according to its terms of service. You can spend any funds you have paid on gigs.


Fiverr is a company. Complaining about it is like complaining about any other business. If you dislike Fiverr you can stop making purchases. You can try contacting Customer Support, telling them that you want to close your account and asking them politely if there is any way they would be willing to refund your money.

You agreed to the Terms of Service when you signed up, so they don’t have to refund it as anything but Fiverr credit, but asking nicely never hurts. Better yet, just spend your credit on some gigs and then close your account. The seller is the primary benefactors and there are plenty of real people here who would appreciate an order. Then you can leave Fiverr and never use it again, just like you would after disliking an experience with any other business.



I’m really sorry you had problems using Fiverr with whatever service you were trying to use it for. If you are having a problem getting a refund but still have Fiverr credit, contact me in my inbox here on Fiverr. Please share with me what seems to be your troubles and let me see if I can help you out, even if I am not in the category you are looking for, I’m sure I can contact another Fiverr top seller to help you out on this matter and work together to make sure you don’t lose your money even if your ultimate decision is to leave Fiverr.

Please contact me and let me try at least to help you make Fiverr and more pleasant experience for you my friend even if it means you still want to leave Fiverr



Sorry about how you feel, but it is important to channel your complaint to fiverr and find a common ground to resolve your dispute.

The fiverr I know takes buyers much more seriously and they would do everything to protect buyers’ interests.

Perhaps, you may want to re-read the TOS again and see if fiverr has actually gone against its own rules or they are in order.

So, go talk to them again!


@elvieuk Fiverr is based in Israel. There are no refunds to your paypal or credit card. Once the funds are in the fiverr system, you can only spend your funds within the fiverr platform itself. Although fiverr should have a complaints page to fill in and submit, I think the closest you can get to a complaint is “The Ranting Pot” on this forum.


You can only use a credit! So sorry, good luck :slight_smile:


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