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Complaints and Refunds

I tried fiverr for the first time for a translating gig. The seller started off by trying to rip me off by running the document through Google Translate and posting it (8 days later) as his work. I refused, obviously, to accept the product and was given a refund. I rated his communication 5 stars as he was prompt with replies, but the quality of work as one star for obvious reasons. What followed was a ranting, personally offensive email via Fiverr.

I’d like to know two things:

  1. How do I register a complaint against this clearly mentally-unbalanced individual?
  2. How can I get my Fiverr credit refunded in cash, as I will probably never use this site again after this interaction with a “over 600 5-star reviews” seller?




This is the Fiverr trap. You can complain all you want but Foverr pretty much has no care or concern about rip off gigs. Your money will stay there and if you push hard enough, they will move the money to look like it was EARNED by you which means you pay a commission to Fiverr on withdrawing it. That’s based on my experience.

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This is your personal opinion; I can assure you, that is not how Fiverr operates.

I have had someone send me the same video proof of work done as I received from someone else 19 days ago. I told the last seller I wanted a refund and did not appreciate being scammed and asked if they were the same person with another ID on Fiverr they denied being the same person and refunded me saying it was a video someone had sent them and he’d sent it to me by mistake.
The thing is how to I get a refund from the previous gig 19 days ago now I have found that was also a scam?

This is amazing that you happened to get the same video from two different sellers! You should report this to customer support as this is really bad.

misscrystal, how do we contact support please? I’ve just been ripped off by someone who promised the world of SEO but only delivered a basic report.

You can submit a ticket to them here:

I am being defrauded right now.

This link does not work for me.

It takes me to the help centre which keeps me in the same loop of complaining to the seller who just keeps on cancelling the request and claiming delivery using an image file instead of a website.

The link should take you to the help center where you can submit a ticket to Customer Support. The ticket goes to Customer Support, not the seller.

The link works for me.

If, for some reason, you can’t submit a ticket, you can email Customer Support:

Thanks for the reply.

I used twitter instead to message @fiverrsupport and publicly explained the problem I was having.

They responded very quickly.

I also found that additional options suddenly became enabled on the support page and I was able to submit my problem.

Let’s see what happens next. I got an estimate of 12-18h response time.

It was probably a bug, then. I’m glad it was solved!

You’re very lucky, then. Some users wait for up to 10 days for response.

Thanks for the help and the support.

I am feeling better than when I was in the loop with daily deja vue and no way to get out. I haven’t used Fiverr very much before. I think I might return to Upwork as I am not in to the way the sellers can trap you on Fiverr.

They did PM me after and suggest it would be longer.

However I don’t think the missing support options were a bug.

It seems they are using salesforce and the system allows them to withhold certain options.

That would be too much of a trouble coding wise to show and not show specific options to specific people :wink:

They always have the same buttons to open a ticket with support.

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It doesn’t work like that. The CRM (customer relationship management) system knows whats going on because the buyer and seller are logged in.

All you have to do is define the policies/rules. If you go to open a new dispute it will tell you that one is in progress so you cannot open another and the button is gone. It is a similar principle for other rules.

Its very easy really as long as your software supports you.

It’s totally fine if you want to believe in those conspiracies. We saw quite a few on them on the forum over the years.

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I am not into conspiracy theories either. I have done lots of work with CRMs.

These are advertised features for CRMs and I have just personally experienced the same.

Here is the image for the control I mentioned before. So the add button has been removed based on the case history.

Is that a screenshot of the order page (Resolution Center) or the page where you can submit a ticket to Customer Support?

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The picture is clearly demonstrating the point that the options you are presented are based on the current situation and are set up by policy in advance in the CRM.

The page where you can submit a ticket is still there but certain options are not available from the drop down.

The same principle is applied to all support pages and drop downs.

I hope this makes clear this is no conspiracy theory, it is a fact and used by some support organisations.

this is what you see when you are opening a ticket with a support team. And it’s always the same.

what you are referring to looks like a resolution center which doesn’t have a connection to fiverr CS


Funnily enough I think you may have illustrated my point perfectly.

There is another option in the drop down list, “The seller has committed fraud” which is not in your list and which I have just used today to submit my ticket. It was not there before but it was after my complaint on twitter.