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Complaints/Cancellations/Warnings - Sellers Have No Say

Hi, I have been using Fiverr as a Seller since 2017. I have over 35 years of business experience. Since this time I have built up my client base on Fiverr with one of my gigs, of which is now my main source of income as 5* rated.

I do not agree with Fiverr’s policy of taking a buyers side BEFORE even contacting the Seller. I had an expensive order canceled with no contact from either the buyer nor Fiverr to provide my side - hence I lost rating, money and 3 days of work for nothing.

I have now received a warning from Fiverr on the same gig, denied my gig, and my main source of income is gone and I have to start all over again. FUMING!!! Again, with no evidence to support the accusation nor asking for my side before they sanctioned me!!!

What do I do? I’ve run my own business for years, follow strict protocols and guidelines and yet my reputation can be destroyed by others who are lying, jealous, or even scamming me. I’m gutted as I now think I need to leave Fiverr.


I am sorry to hear about your issue, @paulajohnston. What service did you sell in the gig?


It is very much heartbreaking.

Hi, @vickiespencer I don’t want to ID my gig, but let’s just say its core for any administrative jobs. With my background in many industries I fully understand copyright and academic policies. I have turned Buyers away when I’ve found out they want me to do their tests etc.

It is really heartbreaking :pleading_face: