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Complaints of discrimination on gigs

Personally I don’t believe buyers discriminate against *****or ***** writers or content providers but it seems really tough. I have had my account for a while and it’s not easy to get requests despite defining my skill sets appropriately. I have written for international clients and done amazon reviews, I have worked on blogs that serve Non-African audiences so I am quite certain my ability is not in question, so I just want to know if buyers truly think we ***** or ***** cannot deliver good jobs.

Mod Note: Title and post edited. No regional references needed

There were only two misspelled words and just one run-on sentence in your post, so you are doing much better than most of the writers who post about having problems getting sales. There is a lot of competition. I don’t have any knowledge of whether or not Nigeria is a country buyers avoid but I doubt it. I just wanted to point out that there is no room for any errors if you are a writer on fiverr.


Thanks misscrystal for your response but I believe in writing, there is room for errors or we won’t have editors or proofreading. I understand your comment still and I hope to detect if there are such errors in my gig descriptions.

Professional writers have enough experience not to make these kinds of mistakes.
I’m not a great speller but I do have my browser set to underline in red misspelled words.

There is room for errors, but that’s generally reserved for first drafts. Would you really want a writer who sends out a first draft full of errors?

When buyers look for writing on Fiverr, they aren’t looking for writing that needs to be polished. More likely than not they’ll prefer someone who doesn’t have those mistakes in the first place, since it cuts the overall cost for their purchases.


@somaginer1996 and @misscrystal I am still lost on how these answers you give reflect on the question I have raised. A client would have to make a request to even evaluate my competence. Getting so fixated on my typos actually address nothing. I have accepted the correction, can we now move on to the question? I must also add that I have not seen the misspelled words, maybe you can point them out. I saw one typo and fixed that. Then let us address the question, thank you.

@gina_riley2 your fifth paragraph sums my focus, you pay for “useful information.” I can point out errors from interacting on forums, like in your comment, “your profile says youre,” is an error. This does not invalidate your capacity in my opinion, I think those are issues of personal sentiments and preferences. There is the option of revision when you deliver jobs for a reason. It implies, you may not always get a perfect output. My point here is, I don’t think the problem is from one or two errors. I have not even gotten the clients for them to express dissatisfaction. I have one 5 star review though and I think that counts for something. Now can we answer the question? You pay for useful information, how do you determine who could give you that?

You could get a few reviews to get the ball rolling by offering a $5 gig, as you don’t seem to have one yet.

Could you add more gigs? You can add another 3 to the 4 you’ve got already.

Are you marketing your gigs anywhere, or are you relying solely on Fiverr traffic?

The gigs I have are way above $5 in value and I would not want to sound like I deceived a buyer into a tight negotiation. I will add more gigs though and see how that fairs. I plan to link my account to my facebook page but I already get clients from there, I don’t want to direct them to Fiverr. What other marketing options do I have?

Have look around the forum - there’s lots of help. There’s a series called UPYOUR you might find useful. :sunny:

I have you noticed how you respondents seem so fixated on picking on these errors rather than actually provide answers? Check the answers by @offlinehelpers, she has directly focused on the issue. I did not take a pot shot at you, this is not a competition. I am a real human somewhere trying to get answers to a problem, thanks for not being part of the answers.

Thanks @offlinehelpers, your answers have been immensely helpful.

Bit sexist there (discrimination) - I’m female as well - I just happen to have short hair. All the posters on the thread have actually tried to help you - please don’t throw it back at them.

Good luck!


My apologies, but I tried fruitlessly to get the discussion on a fruitful front with one of the respondents even getting screenshots. I am a bit impatient with fixation on minor issues when I know there is no human machine when it comes to typos and slight errors. Why fixate?

I was trying to provide an answer but felt you were taking a shot at me. I see I was mistaken, in that case - I genuinely take back anything that may have offended you – that really was not my intention.

I wish you success in your career == on and off Fiverr.

Edit: I will remove/delete my earlier comments.

Thanks for understanding finally. I appreciate your good intentions and wish you all the best too.

For me it’s tough to judge a gig without seeing it. If I wear my buyer’s hat, if I am evaluating someone for the first time, I would hire on the strength of their portfolio and how easily I can see working with him or her. I don’t care where they are from or what they look like.

As a blog writer in the real world, whenever I advertise my services or send an email or text message to a client, you’d better believe I proofread it. Twice. I don’t like to give someone a reason to doubt me.

There have been several occasions lately here in the forum where supposed writers send their gigs to be evaluated or whine about not getting work. When I check out their gigs, why they aren’t getting work is pretty evident, as their fluency in English (they supposedly work in English) is unlike the English I speak, write or recognize. Their gigs are a mess, with little to show a prospective buyer that they are making a wise choice in picking them.

How long have you been on Fiverr? It can have its challenging moments, but it has become an important part of my sales mix, representing a good 20% of my workload and income. It take time and effort, and maybe asking misscrystal to cast a Fiverr Success Spell for you. :wink:

Have you submitted your gig somewhere for review here in the correct section of the forum? I’d love to see it from a buyer’s perspective, and I know there are champion sellers in here who could make some great suggestions for you.

I wish you success and send greetings from Cancun!


I was addressing your response to misscrystal’s comment specifically, not your opening complaints. Apologies about the misunderstanding.

When someone opens like that, you know it’s going to get sexist real quick :wink: Plus, as a writer, can you really dismiss grammatical errors as “small issues?” When your bread and butter is words, you should always try to make that count.

I feel like while discrimination is definitely a thing and could potentially make starting out more difficult, in the end it’s all about how well-written your requests are, and how well you address the buyer’s needs. If yours is the best in the crowd, there’s no reason for them not to choose you.

It sounds competitive, of course. But writing on Fiverr is a tough market.

This is exactly what I was trying to articulate in my first post. Giving someone a reason to doubt you is never a good idea.

That being said, I think following andycancun’s suggestions would be an excellent idea. You’d be able to get input from other forum members (including some male Fiverr users, whose words will undoubtedly carry more weight than mine.) Good luck! :slight_smile:


That’s only true if they are selling. The imagined value you believe they hold is irrelevant when measured against what someone is actually willing to pay for them.


No, there is no discrimination on Fiverr. I am an Indian, and I am doing fairly well. Never faced any discrimination here based on my race, religion or ethnicity.