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Complaints Re: Fiverr (Moved from another thread)

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but facts are facts. Whenever I had been dealing with Fiverr customer support they always stood by buyers side disregarding the truth.

I had an issue with the buyer who contacted me two years after completing his order and him leaving a 5 star feedback saying that he wants me to re-do his project all over again.

I said sure and gave him a new quote. Following my msg he replied back that I offered unlimited revisions which I do and I told him that his revisions applied to that project at that current time and that after successful completion it is not valid anymore. Common sense, right?

Needless to say that at that time I worked with him on daily basis for abou4-6 hours each day for almost three weeks. The project was worth 320$ and I delivered what I promised and much more.

What happened next was that he insulted me using profound words and than he contacted Fiverr support saying that I offer unlimited revisions and that I should do his new project after two years free of charge.

Wanna guess what happened next? I spoke with Fiverr support on daily basis for about a week and finally they deducted my funds and returned to the buyer, after TWO YEARS, after successfully completed project, after positive feedback being left on order and after a client thanking me a ton in inbox !!!

Fiverr support twisted my every sentence, my ever word and they took everything out of context in a favor of a client. Finally, they wrote that I offered unlimited revisions and that I should re-do project or that they will be forced to refund a buyer.

The end result was that they said that I breached Fiverr TOS for not offering unlimited revisions, they had put a warning on my account and demoted me to lvl 1.

I always do my best for my clients. I work around 10-14 hours each day and I always over-deliver.

I am greatly disappointed with Fiverr and Fiverr support and there is no one that can change my opinion. Again, this is my experience with Fiverr support and this particular client. Luckily this is just an isolated case, but there are numerous complaints both on buyers and sellers too. Feel free to check the following sites for similar experience and this one

Anyway, we drifted off topic. Fiverr as a serious comapny shoudl review each seller individually as he or she advances through lvls. This way buyers would now that TRS or Fiverr PRO member are one step better in quality then the rest. This is just an example. Also, everyone should be able to reach all lvls, and not being selected by Fiverr support since this is not objective. For example, I was told that due me leaving a negative review for Fiverr support I will never advance in lvls. Not very professional, right?

I truly hope that you will not go through what I have gone since it is not a nice feeling when you are not being respected.

I have samoyed so I thoguht you too had one (or two) as well :smiley: I love dogs :smiley: Btw, I also have 5 cats, 3 horses, 2 sheeps, 1 goat and two small turtles :slight_smile:


Wow. I can’t believe all that. It really sucks!

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You don’t get demoted a level just because you have a warning.

You must have done something incredibly awful which you have deliberately not mentioned. I have 4 warnings on my account (well, 2 now) and I have not been demoted and I have been told that I am not even being threatened with demotion for those warnings, and those warnings (if you go by the TOS) are FAR worse than your one of not offering unlimited revisions after 2 years.

My guess is you either:

  1. Gave a tirade of abuse towards the buyer
  2. Abused customer support

You are also not even level 1

No idea about the refund, though. Would love to see proof that happened because generally speaking, love them or hate them, customer support always seem to be decently helpful. May not always make the right decision in your eyes, but I can’t possibly imagine that somebody coming back after 2 years and demanding a refund is right in their eyes UNLESS you are leaving out key information, or it just never happened.

The warning thing is weird to me too, because once the gig has been marked complete and feedback has been left, that is it. Fiverr will no longer get involved with it. If you had a warning, it certainly was not down to the not offering unlimited revisions.

Also, prove that you were told that becuase you left a negative review you will never advance levels.

I find it difficult to understand why you would continue to work on a site that treated you in the way you have described.

Anyway, offering unlimited revisions is a terrible idea. It attracts unreasonable people to buy from you, as you found out, and I actually believe that technically, the client was correct. If revisions (which in themselves are very loosely defined on Fiverr) are unlimited then surely they cannot be limited by time, order completion etc.
Yes, it sounds stupid and unreasonable but how can you define unlimited as having certain limits?
Common sense and most reasonable people would read between the lines and say that after the order is complete, then it is finished - but that is not defined and so it is open to that interpretation.

No need to check and see reviews on other sites. We get plenty of ranting posts about bad experiences here. Many of them don’t stand up to scrutiny or questioning though; lucky those review sites don’t have to worry about that and anyone can post anything they want without any proof, qualification or scrutiny. I agree there are sometimes bad experiences with Fiverr for whatever reason but that is to be expected when the site is so broad, with so many variables and global user base.


Don’t you think that I haven’t already? My posts are being deleted or warned by moderators to follow the Forum rules.

No, I haven’t done anything awful. My past experience speaks for me like it speaks for everyone else, including you too.

  1. No, the buyer abused me, blackmailed me and threatened too.
  2. No, I spoke with them on daily basis since I wouldn’t budge to re-do the same project all over again.

No, I am no lvl 1 since I have a lot of orders and longterm clients so I quickly get to lvl 2.

Yeah, I have been working on Fiverr for seven years and out of boredness I am sharing my story and leaving key information. What would I possibly be getting from biting the hand that feeds me? Me and others too who had the same/similar experience. I guess we are all wrong and Fiverr support is right. Don’t get me wrong, I am talking about Fiverr support, people who work for Fiverr and not Fiverr itself.

Read my first sentence.

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I am talking about Fiverr support, people working and Fiverr, and not Fiverr itself. Fiverr is a well-designed system, but flaws are human, like always.

Yes, I agree with you, and I will delve into it by posting time limits. Yes, like you said, technically a client can ask for ‘‘unlimited’’ revisions until I live, lol :smiley: but if I will take every word into account and twist it (like Fiverr support did) then we should lawyer up. If the sun is shining outside it is clear as a day. Period. There is common sense and then there is just being stupid.

The worst thing is that the Fiverr support tried to resolve this by asking me to refund a smaller part to the client in order to resolve this peacefully, but I always stand by my principles and refused.

Anyway, I don’t mind how they reaceted, but I do mind how they treated me. A simple I am sorry from client or Fiverr support would be enough for me and the issue would go away, but making me taking the fall for someone’s else stupidy and going with that peacefully is not something I agree, nor will I ever.


Provide proof NOW.

It seems like you are lying BECAUSE

“asking me to refund a smaller part to the client in order to resolve this peacefully”

Fiverr customer support would not say that in a million years. THey do not refund partial orders. All or nothing.

I am still doubting the warning that demoted you to level 1 too. Again, prove that.

Seriously Ryan? That guy is upset about something and this is how you respond to him?

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Actually, support do occasionally ask people to do partial refunds but it is the most convoluted way possible!
The buyer has to place an order for the renegotiated lower amount, mark it complete etc and ONLY THEN does the seller cancel the original order meaning that the buyer then has their money stuck as Fiverr credit and has also paid extra processing fees.

None of your posts have been deleted. The OP here and other comments were moved here as they were completely off topic in another thread. As for a warning, well everyone has to follow forum rules.
Regarding the issue, I have made my point previously and what you have said does not refute it.

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That’s the real truth of fiverr :slight_smile: you can’t avoid this - So better to be prepare from beginning of your journey :wink:


My apologies, I just found them. Not sure, why I didn’t receive a notification on my email about it.

Ryan, I would, but read the forum rules.

writer99025 thx fo sticking up for me, but Ryan is just a member like me. His voice of concern is same as mine and it does’t have any weight at all.

One more thing, did you notice that when you are refunding a client back a small note says that you are losing the whole amount whereas you are actually losing 80% of agreed amount due to Fiverr’s 20% provision? lol :smiley:

I don’t think edits by mods result in emails being sent but you should have got a Forum notification.
Also, you can check and find old comments by going into your forum profile page.

Yeah, I guess they are counting that you are also refunding the 20% from Fiverr too!

I am prepared now :smiley: Better late than never, right lol

I am just disappointed with Fiverr support since they are ruining my whole Fiverr experience as a buyer and seller. I worked and am working with wonderful people which I had the pleasure of meeting in person, even dining with them and sharing a pint of beer :slight_smile: All thx to Fiverr, but Fiverr support is an entity of its own and it needs to be upgraded big time.

yeah…it’s too late of renovation of support guys - nobody focusing on that rather than doing upgrade in tools and feature of site!


People may not like the way I put things. Maybe he is telling the truth, it is just difficult to ‘buy’ the story. It isn’t against the forum rules to post screenshots of the customer support messages. He could be telling the truth, but I can’t see how he went from level 2 to level 1 on a single warning unless he did something so tremendously awful that is being left out of the story.

So, I am sorry if I came across as rude, but I loathe customer support sometimes as much as anybody, but I can’t see how trust & safety would remove a level based on a single warning. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe there is a rogue trust & safety agent in place. But, based on my past experience:

  1. Customer support will not get involved with an order that has been marked completed and feedback left.
  2. They do not partially refund
  3. They will not give a warning and a level demotion for doing something mildly wrong.

Four times, I have delivered a gig (with a DropBox link), figuring the customer has the information. Then a few months later they contact customer support and say I deleted the folder so I have received a warning for ‘delivering without the content’ (I move folders after 2 months so I don’t have hundreds of different folders). I would say that is worse than not giving revisions after 2 years, right? That is why I am thinking that something else went on.

Maybe I am wrong! I am just going by my experience.

It looks like we had a different experience. There are other issues I had with customer support and while one Fiverr support member said that nothing can be done the other resolved the matter within seconds. It is like Fiver TRS, completely subjective, there is no clear guideline. Moderator eoinfinnegan himself negated your 2nd point whereas for 1st and 3rd I am sure that you would experience it yourself as well if you continued working on Fiverr. Btw, why did you quit working on Fiverr, if I may ask?

In his post, he says the only way in which that can be done is if the buyer places a second order so the first one can be refunded, and that was not mentioned in your first post.

I only unpause my gig for regular customers, that and I have about 50 orders in my queue so i don’t want to take on more work :slight_smile: I get more cash away from Fiverr anyway.

Yeah, that is correct. Fiverr offered me multiple options, including the one mentioned, but I rejected all of them. I always stand by word which so far got me only into trouble lol :smiley:

Nice one m8, but wouldn’t be better that you have your profile unpaused and to prolong your delivery so that your ranking doesn’t drop. I used to do the same like you, pausing my profile while I sort my current queue, but then I saw that my profile got ranked lower.

Congrats :smiley: I too have other sources of income so I am not worried about Fiverr. Luckily I live in a country which lives and breaths from tourism. Passive income is the best :smiley:

My profile is always ranked on the first page of ‘average review’ now. I unpaused it for the first time in about 20 days yesterday, and it was still there. When you get several reviews, you only fall behind in the rankings on ‘recommended’ and when somebody searches for a specific type of gig.