Complaints who do I contact?


Hi all,
I have asked a seller to do a job for me and asked for specific changes to an image, the seller
said yes I can do that easy paid $5 US got back the image in quick time but not what I asked for at all.
Anyway I assume here is the place for complaints as there’s no where else to get help in here.
I asked for the order I had to be cancelled and the seller said No.

After she told me how long it takes to design something and how hard it is etc. etc.
and pushed and pushed to sell me professional work after that and to pay extra money
but the description for the $5 or so was suppose to be all these things
I have a few websites I need work for and said this I wanted to see what the results were after the first
purchase was like and i was afraid my concerns were true.

Anyway thats it for me and now she refuses to cancel the order.

from what I read and see on fiverr an lot of you designers are very good but people like myself need to know who
instead of spending a lot of money on failed orders to find out who the legit designers are well
what can I say I wont


Hi, please contact customer support and they’ll deal with this for you.


Hello so sorry to hear about this experience of your’s, first of all if you are right fiverr support will help you get a refund no matter what, second yes there are few sellers who sometimes don’t deliver what they promise and it can simply be avoided by contacting and discussing your project with multiple sellers and choose the one who guides you through the process of designing or whatever is it you are working upon prior to the starting of order and that discussion alone can help you with your case in case of any conflicts in future, hope this solves the problem happy buying/selling :slight_smile:


Thank you helps a lot and puts a little confidence back into Fiverr


Thank you will do…


What did you try to buy for $5 ?


It doesn’t matter. If they both agreed beforehand the seller has to go through with it.


I wanted to know what he bought for $5 since seller told to him that it will cost more so if you don’t know the answer please wait for it.


I am literally going through the same problem. Purchased a logo design advertised for $5. The gig described everything i need, CUSTOM logo design, original vector file, and delivery in 24 hours. I purchased it and was then contacted by the seller saying that it would cost $65. I just filed the dispute and waiting to see if she cancels the order. But I agree this is a very inconvenient and annoying process for buyers. We should be allowed to leave reviews on sellers without having a completed order to warn other buyers about this. Or something needs to be done by fiverr staff to prevent this.


I don’t think is good idea to leave bad review at someone that you don’t pay. If in description for $5 is included source file and other stuff, you have right for dispute. But to leave feedback, nope. Designer can have sometimes bad performance and sometimes good performance, it depends by buyer brief, price, quality & more. I know that your case is different…
After you cancel the order, you can add one private review for him and fiverr team will take a look at it.


Thats a good point. Hopefully it works out.


Like @fidan06 said, don’t leave a negative review without talking to the buyer.


So…she declined the cancellation and sent me a design which had a few issues…

  1. It was nothing like what i asked for. Specifically asked for a rectangular logo. she sent me a square logo. (i need it horizontally longer.) which was explained in the order details.

  2. The design was not ever hers…When I opened the design, it clearly had an Envato watermark on it still. So when i go to envato’s website (graphic river) and search for “tactical logo” i find the exact logo she sent me is the second result…

now, i have only the option to accept or ask for a revision. I DO NOT want to deal with someone who has such poor work ethic and would go as far as stealing someone elses design and selling it as her own. I need to know how to cancel the order and get a refund at this point.

The design she sent me:
The logo on graphicriver:


If the order was cancelled you would need to get onto Support and tell them
what happened They will probably cancel it for you and you wont get a refund

They will just give you the credit on fiverr which sucks.
If you want a refund you would have to get them to close your fiverr account
thats the only way.
heres the support email