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Complet first oder


am really heppy i complet my first order and 5 ratings i do my work very fast bxz i have 5 year experince


congratulations all the best


Congrats to you, and many more! :sun_with_face: I completed my first gig also last week.


now i want more orders


Congratulations… keep on bro.:heart:


Congratulations on completing your first order. I’ve been here just over a month now and the feeling of completing your first order and receiving your first review is something you’ll never forget.

To get more orders, make use of the search function on the forum to find out what others have done successfully. Search ‘how to get more orders’, and/or something along those lines, and I’m sure something will come up. You could also consider sharing your gigs on relevant social media websites/groups to people who need your services, too.


Give me some tips to get a job bro.


Great, Keep going…