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Complete 7 order

I am Muhshinul. I am a new seller of Fiverr. I have create my account 2 month ago. In this 2 month I have complete 7 order .


Wow congratulation …


Hi @muhshinulriad
Best wishes and carry on


congratulations to you.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations. :partying_face:

I noticed you also informed the Forum about your 2nd and 4th sale too. :+1:

Today, about 4 days after your 4th sale you are here to tell us about your 7th sale. Wow, :astonished: things are looking up for you. :money_mouth_face:

Now please think about how many Forum members there are and what would happen if we all began posting that we had completed our 1st, 5th 10th, and so on order. :thinking: :flushed: Soon the Forum would be overrun with this kind of posts. :scream:

So, tell your friends about your success! Tell your family too!

But maybe do not post about the number of orders you have completed until you have reached the 1000 mark, which is a very good goal for any seller. :wink:


That’s good…plz share your experience

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Great!:joy: Best wishes.

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Congratz :slight_smile: Hopefully there’s much more success for you in the future.

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