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Complete advanced user tutorial


Hey guys most of us are searching for advanced user tutorials and i am unable to find any helpful info about this if someone have achieved this badge please share with us wanna know how it works thanks!


There are tutorials and tips all over the forum if you look for them.


please link any useful post if possible i havn’t found any regarding this topic


Why would I do your work for you? I just looked and found the entire section of tips. Why can’t you do that?


:grin: its ok thanks


Yes, misscrystal is right. Tips are many all over the forum, which you can get with just the click of buttons.

You asking her to share links with you is far from right, since you also can do that yourself.

Just use the search menu, and find what you are looking for.


i know mate thanks i am gonna dig it now


Good, now you are saying the right thing.