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Complete and accepted order cancelled after 8 month

Hello Forum!
Fiverr Cancelled my order which had completed 8 month ago but when fiverr support did it my account balance was zero and I received massage that " Order has been canceled and funds returned to buyer.I want to make sure that now will deduct my money when my account will reached to 80$ because it was order of 100$ and I was received 80$.Will fiverr deduct my money ?

Sounds like a chargeback.

It is explained here:

Hey, hope you are ding well. Usually when you have withdrawn money and an order gets cancelled, they deduct the amount from current pending or cleared balance or if there is no balance your balance might go to minus and they deduct amount after you get some new orders.

What I usually do with such orders is that I contact Customer Support and ask them for the reason of cancelled order as I have spent my time and effort in completing the order and it was completed and rated by the buyer. If they say that client has charged back, you can ask them to review the case and ask the bank who charged back to this fraudulent activity. Further you can ask them to compensate you the amount as you are well reputed seller and have spent efforts on completing the work that the buyer got and has not payed for. They usually compensate as well.

Hope you get your amount back to your balance.
Let me know what they say or you have any further question.

Thanks a lot

Thanks for kind response.I contacted many time but they asked sorry to review this case.

Just ask them for the compensation and explain that you have completed the order that client got and even didn’t payed for. They should have consulted you before cancelling the order.

You might get a compensation.
Thanks a lot!