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Complete guide to rank your gig on 1st page


Hi all,
I am shamsul arefin.I am working on fiverr from last 2 years.This 2 years was a combination of a good and bad experiences and lots of learning.Today i will share the facts i learned about fiverr gigs.
For getting success on fiverr there is no alternative of a perfect,ranked,disciplined and attractive much as your gig is ranked and in the 1st page of fiverr,as much as you get now i am going to give the tips from 1st to last for opening a perfect gig on fiverr.

1.when you start to open a fiverr gig 1st of all comes the “Overview” be pointed this page is very very very important for ranking your gig.1st of all you give the gig title.for the 1st time which you give in the gig title,thats words turn into your gig url.fiverr show your gig on the top based on this try to give the best keyworkds in the gig title 1st of all.
then go to categories and give the field you like to work on and besides the field or the skill you know.
but in the gig metadata keep the option not defined.if you keep not defined then all type of work will show in your buyer request and your gig will reach to all type of buyers.
then come the most important search tag option will will define that mostly that your gig will show in the 1st page or in the last page when buyer for the best tags 1st of all i will suggest to choose the tags which fiverr suggest.when we search something in the search box of fiverr,fiverr automatically show some tags which is the most trendly and perfect i will suggest search your services on that search bar and pick the tags from there and if you want you can give one or two tags as you thing that its good.

then go to the next page PRICING.after going to pricing come back again in the overview will see a new option under gig title which is seo title.this seo title will help you to do seo of your give a short seo title which will contain the words of your skill related.and now also change the gig title.this which you will give in gig title that will show in your gig and client will see this gig title.and 1st time you gave the gig title that already turned URL.
now save this again and come to the pricing a new seller try to keep the pricing in $5.but you can also add the packages as you want.describe all the services you will provide in you packages.and also add gig extras below of the pricing.its represents your gig as a professionals gig.add any type of gig extras as you want.

Description part is main and important part to represent yourself to a buyer.cause if any buyer go into your gig.he/she will read the description that which type of extra and unique services you are providing to him/her.after reading the description he/she will decide that he going to give you the job or the tips for the description are-
1.give a greeting you your buyer in the top of the description.
2.make your description in three to four parts and definitely make sure that those parts are disciplined.add who you are,why are you unique,what services do you provide and what what unique and extra services you will give him/her which others not going to give the buyer.
3.A tricks for description is try to write your tags or service tag in the description again and will help to get ranked your gig. the FAQ part add all the question that a buyer could as you.all type of question.even if you provide any extra or related services that also you could explain.

In the requirements part mention that what you need to start a order or start working for clients.tell briefly as if client cant keep an option to keep a question in his mind.after explaining all also white that please knock me or message me before starting or placing an order.

Gallery part is mostly important to get a job cause a buyer 1st of all see the photo you upload in your gig.if he/she think or like that photo then he/she gives a click on the gig and see or read the it is highly important to choose photo from you own work and never ever do copy photos form google or somewhere.your account could be band for this pick you won works and upload then but definitely do off page seo to those photos.this will help your gig to be ranked.try to keep your photos blue or yellow.those colors are attractive and eye catching so client give click on them and read them.
Better if anyone add video in the gallery or in the gig cause fiverr promotes a gig 220% if anyone use video instead of its really important.

And finally review the gig again that everything is perfect or not.then publish the gig.

If somebody open a gig this way,i really do believe that a gig will be surely ranked and anyone will be able to get auto order from fiverr.

All the best for all and have a great day.


Good tip But you also have to be connected as long as possible so that at the time that buyers need a job find our available profiles faster, given that many of the buyers prefer to sellers who are online

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That’s arguable at best. Most of my completed orders were placed when I was offline (probably when I was sleeping). I am sure a lot of sellers get orders when they’re offline, too. If a seller values my online status more than my skills, I probably wouldn’t wanna work with them. :thinking:

The only exception, in my opinion, would be when a buyer is looking for sellers who are offering very short delivery times (1 day delivery) and wants to get the work done on an urgent basis. That’s the only time when I think staying online might work in your favor. If not, I don’t think so… :man_shrugging:

@livingprime Whatever you’ve mentioned might help sellers get orders, but in no way is it going to change someone’s gig rank. A gig’s rank is based on the seller’s performance and not on how many people order that gig.


None of these tips, unfortunately, will rank your gig to the 1st page.

I see you are 2 years on fiverr and have only 20 reviews, if these tips would work, I believe you would have a lot more.

So my suggestion is, to not believe in everything you see at internet.

Fiverr uses a complex algorithm to rank the gigs, and no seller knows how it works. The most we can understand about this that the ranking is based on gigs performance. More than this is just speculation, which in this case I would take care, since it seems this rank tips are not working with your gigs.


@xuntes You’re hot, Thanks for the info.


I have a problem with sellers posting they know how to get on the first page who are not themselves on the first page. It’s not cool.

OP your description is a model of what not to do also. You are saying you will do all this in your first gig:

My services in brief:

  • Photoshop Editing
  • Photo Retouching
  • Skin retouch
  • Body slimming
  • Advertising
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Background removal
  • Crop, resize and rotate image
  • Background removal of products
  • Transparent Background
  • White Background)
  • Photo manipulation
  • Color enhancement, Noise reduction
  • Remove objects,people from image
  • Recreating missing areas in photos
  • Adjusting image size

You also say you will do all this for $5:

  • 999999 Images
  • Source File
  • High Resolution
  • Commercial Use

Desperation! Be realistic and don’t offer to do unlimited numbers of photos, with 100% satisfaction guarantee etc.


You never eat or sleep? I would never hire someone who has this in the description.


surely buyer finds the active sellers all the time and surely who want success on fiverr they stay active.i just discussed about opening a perfect gig.


i dont think so you are totally right.ranking based on perfect seo and perfect keywords.its also true what you said but i dont think you are totally right.thnaks still for your reply


Sigh ok then keep doing it your way. You aren’t online 24/7 I’m sure. It’s what a desperate amateur would say.


And even so…

This type of advice that has become the latest fashion in the forum, will only make people sick - and pretty soon I’m afraid. :roll_eyes:


It’s good value if he does Photoshop work on 999,999 images for $5 and delivers within 5 hours :slight_smile: and it says you get a discount when working on bulk images (so maybe it’s less than $5 for doing work on 999,999 images if that’s possible?).

OP do you actually do work on 999,999 images for $5?


$5 for 999999 images? DUDE YOU’RE AWESOME :upside_down_face: . Do you eat grass or something? :thinking: Teach me how to do that awesome thing.


That just cannot be true… :flushed:

He must have forgotten to… add a few more nines to that number. :rofl: :rofl:


@hanshuber16 don’t tell anybody :shushing_face:

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um, no, thanks anyway. :smirk:


@misscrystal no, you don’t need to work. I’ll give you all of my money :money_mouth_face:

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Thank you very much for your tips!


thanks buddies.your comments help me to understand my mistakes and also helped me to get a nice topic badge. now i am laughing on you… thanks again… :smile:

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thanks buddies.your comments help me to understand my mistakes and also helped me to get a nice topic badge. now i am laughing on you… thanks again… :smile:

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You’re welcome @livingprime

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