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Complete guide to rank your gig on 1st page

I’m sorry I was rude. I just saw the humor in it. I didn’t mean it to make fun of you, just to have some fun in general.


And, by making the relevant changes help you to get more orders.

Attention to detail is very important and mistakes will put buyers off. :wink:


its ok.though you guys made a fun of this post but i learned a lot of thing from you who made fun in the comment.and the lesson is dont make fun of juniors when you will be senior cause it hurts.miss crystal you are in fiverr from last 7 years and i am a fresher on fiverr and dont have enough knowledge now.but after 7 years on fiverr i will be a pro like you definitely and never going to make fun of juniors as you all did in the comment.
Have a good day miss. best wishes for you all… :blush:


it’s ok @misscrystal we’re just human, it’s normal.

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I am sorry, but basic common sense is enough to realize that offering to work on 99999999 images for $5 just makes ZERO sense.

You don’t need any Fiverr experience to understand/realize the folly in that. :crying_cat_face:


The problem on this is just 1. Creating a guide that you don’t know if it even works.

People will confront this.

Like you even said:

So my suggestion is, just take more care when sharing such tips. Try earning some reputation, and then share your experience.

Creating a topic with not real experiences isn’t cool.

Anyway, I hope you can still find a true way to rank your gigs.

A little secret: If you get successful by ranking your gig, try not sharing this. Because if your competitors read this, they may do the same thing, and maybe “steal” your ranking. And they could do this because only 1 gig can occupy 1 spot at the ranking.


When people say or do funny/silly things it is natural for people to laugh or point out the silliness. None of what was said above seems to have been malicious at all


Thank you so much for your valuable tips.

So, if everyone does this they will all get on the first page? That’s impossible. Everyone can’t be on the first page and there’s no magic formula. Remember there are loads of factors in your ranking that have nothing to do with performance.

It’s fine to make suggestions, but it’s not appropriate to make guarantees that aren’t possible and certainly aren’t substantiated.


Good tips. i hope i can improve my gig rank for use these tips.Thanks

Thanks for sharing :blush:

Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information @livingprime

Thank you so much brother for the valuable tips :slight_smile:

Super helpfull. I find it kind of crazy that people like you spend your valuable time writing guides like these for people who aren’t as knowledgeable! Ive been having a really hard time on fiverr (getting views, impressions, I dont seem to be getting a first buyer!)

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Thank You for sharing your experience on the forum.

I have really learnt a lot from this post thanks to you all. @avetox, @livingprime, @hanshuber16, @misscrystal

Tips shared should be breif, not so lengthy.

Good piece of advice, agree with you

thanks for the advice . thanks again

You’re absolutely right