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Complete guide to rank your gig on 1st page

Again, I don’t understand this. What does it have to do with the original post? It seems just a random comment.

I have almost 5 years at fiverr, with more than 10 thousand sales.

I thank your tip, but I know how fiverr works.

And like I said to others, maybe people should do their homework before comment others messages. Or at least fit it in a context

by the way, I din’t create this article, and I don’t aprove this too. There are many tips that aren’t true, or there is no way to know if it works


Thanks for the tips. Those are helpful.


Thanks for your tips


Thanks for sharing the long details, but I have a simple question does your gig rank on 1st page on best or recommended section?


Thanks for posting these valuable tips.


my gig is not show in fast page :frowning:


Hello there,
Thank you so much for the tips. Quick question though: Is it allowed to add a photo on the gallery with my portfolio on it?
In my case, I am a social media manager, is it a good idea to screenshot my work samples which means the content I’ve created for facebook pages?


No, only sellers’ orders can go in the portfolio gallery. Sellers can’t add to that gallery.


Thank you very very much.


The Best Way to Seo Fiverr Gigs On First Page


100% right answer.


OP you have to pay more attention to the message and not the messenger or how the message was delivered.

It’s normal for people to laugh over what they deem impossible, unimaginable, cocky or rather strange. I believe you would do likewise.

However, the most important thing is to work on the corrections they pointed out on your gig. We all learn everyday.



Thank you very much for sharing the valuable post.


I have tried all of these tips but in vain . The fact is that the top rated sellers on fiverr also offer their services for 5$, so who would take a risk of working with new individual when they have high ranked professional ready to work for them within their budget.

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Price is only one factor in a buyer’s decision.

A true professional isn’t going to buy something simply because it’s cheaper or reject you simply because you cost more. A true professional will buy what he can see will yield him the best return for his specific situation. There is an endless array of buyer personas and business goals. It’s helpful to be the best person for that particular confluence of factors.

A business that tries to be everything to everyone will probably only succeed if they undercharge and work for non-professionals. You can reach buyers if you specialize in a topic/niche/goal that has low-competition with high demand. Remember that ranking in your category (with or without filters) is only one way to be discovered. A lot of people likely use search. Plus, you can generate leads and sales yourself outside of Fiverr if you learn how to do it.

Yes these TRS get a lot of sales, but that doesn’t mean very much if you’re working for a very poor wage. And most of their buyers are likely non-professionals, many of whom are problematic to deal with. Problematic people adore ridiculous bargains and don’t care if people aren’t living well.


thanks for your suggestion

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Thanks for all… always people shearing their experience about Fiverr

I like your idea. Everyone can not get to the first page even if they are using the same working strategy. There must be something to add additionally to what you have seen and then outrank them. So even if you pour all the tricks or steps here not everyone will still be on the first page. Nice Idea Mum.

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Thank you very much for your tips!