Complete my first order!


This is the ultimate! After 3 months of waiting I finally have my first order and I have one more on the way!

The best part is that he gave me a $10 tip and gave me a 5-star rating…

I want to tell new buyers to be patient and hopeful, that soon their first order will arrive in less than they expect.

I would also like to thank all those who helped me here at the forum by giving me recommendations to go ahead and improve my Gigs more and more. @jonbaas @zaiba202 @hanshuber16 @md0000 @manucornel

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great! congratulations.


congratulations:) may you have more orders.


My pleasure to help you out:)


Congrats my friend. I wish you many more orders, and always the same learning attitude you have now. The key to success! :+1::clap::exclamation:


Congratulations Bro …My pleasure may you get more orders !


great! congratulations.


Keep it up. congratulations.


Congrats man. keep it up