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Complete order canceled and compensated didn't received

One of my complete order is canceled. I don’t know how was it happed then Fiverr give this kind of notificationaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but now two weeks gone but i didn’t received any compensated . what am I do ???

I am sure you were compensated but did not know where to find it in your earnings page.

When you are compensated, the money you earned is put back on your earnings page and the waiting period begins again before you can withdraw it.

So if you go through all the orders shown on your earnings page you will find it. That amount has been put back onto that page and when it finally is finished with the waiting time period it will be available to withdraw.

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look at this I haven’t any idea .they are given compensated and again Fiverr is canceled it

Did you complete the order and deliver it? I can’t tell if all of those are about the same order or not. You can ask customer support.

I didn’t know this happened. Genuinely interesting.

As long as the order was delivered completely any cancellation can be compensated to the seller.

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That’s really useful to know. Thank you.

yes money also cleared

how am i ask from customer support