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COmplete order marked

hello fiverr. I need to know something… if someone doesnt mark your order as complete what happens then?


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I have one order that is in revision for about 8 months now. It will stay as such until I deliver and buyer completes it.

P.S I am waiting for my buyer’s response.

there is a message that says that an order marked as completed after 3 days though

If seller delivers the order, it will be marked as completed unless the buyer clicks on “Request revision” with in 3 days.

but i get paid within these 3 days or not?

Fund are only added to your account WHEN the order is marked as completed.

But if he doesnt press revision button will i get paid after 3 days that the order is marked as completed?

If he doesn’t press the revision button in next 3 days then Yes, you will receive your funds automatically.

Ok perfect thank you so much

After three days, the order will complete automatically. Your funds will clear 14 days after the order has auto-completed.

This can be a bit of a pain as it means you have to wait longer than usual for your money. But hey ho! That’s freelancing.

And what if someone always aklsking for a revision? When will the seller paid then?

Then things can get a little bit difficult. Usually, the buyer is eventually happy and completes the order. The fourteen-day countdown begins then.

In rare cases, the buyer keeps requesting revisions. Then you have to message Customer Service to get them to manually mark the order as completed.

The boy that answer to my question before has a customer that ask for revision the last 8 months. Oh my…is it possible?

Oh yeah, of course. Some customers will be very difficult to please.

A lot of sellers make the mistake of offering unlimited revisions. Then they have to honour this promise. If you offer one or two revisions, then Fiverr will take your side and close the order after you’ve completed the revisions.

However, while you will get paid, the buyer can still leave a negative review. So all sellers have to try to juggle their time and their buyers’ happiness. It’s not always easy. :slight_smile:

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Oh i have unlimited revisions. Thats bad then

It can be bad, yeah. Most customers are fair and won’t abuse your revision policy. However, occasionally you’ll come across a customer who will ask for dozens of revisions. These orders can go on and on and on until you want to pull your hair out.

My opinion is it’s best to offer a couple of revisions. You can always do more if you want, but this way you have the power. Nobody can abuse your time.

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I think i will change it to 2 revisions. Thanks so much for this great info!

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You’re welcome! That sounds like a good idea.

Even though the order is complete after 3 days you will still have to wait the 14 days before you can cash it out.