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Complete psychology test worth more than 150 dollar for free for the first 10 to reply

Hi there!

I’m new here on Fiverr trying to expand my practice to a worldwide affordable service.

I’m offering a full scientific psychology analysis of 1000 words. The only thing the buyer has to do, is to complete the psychology test that you can find here:

(it may take up a few minutes to download, it’s 39 pages).

Since I’m new here, I want to offer a free analysis to 10 first repliers on this topic. Reply here and I will contact you in private message.

If you weren’t one of the first 10 and still are interested: I offer this service for 5 dollar, which is still much less than 150 dollar.

Kind regards


I am a little surprised that a psychologist with a master degree is selling services for $5. Also as a side note, I’m not sure if you can put the link to the survey in your gig description, you should email a link after the buyers pay you. by putting an outside link Fiverr may think you are trying to be in contact with the buyers outside of Fiverr which is not allowed.

Maybe create a few screen snapshots/photos of sample questions to use in your portfolio so people will have an idea about what kinds of questions, if that is why you are posting it in your gig to begin with.

Reply to @sincere18: Yes, you are right. I just got an email from Fiverr requesting I need to remove the external links.
Yes, it is surprising and really cheap but I want to expand my practice to an international audience. From the moment that I’m rated as a top seller, my prices will probably go up.
Do you want a free analysis? You are the first to comment.

Reply to @therealshrink: what specific psychology test is this? Myers Briggs?

Reply to @therealshrink: Thanks but I will pass. I know nothing about you and would never feel comfortable sharing that kind of personal information with some anon stranger on the internet. That’s why I was kind of questioning if you would really get people to buy into it on Fiverr at $5. Plus what you wrote about in your gig about what kind of things I would learn sounded way too vague.

Also, how would you then expand your practice internationally? You mean build a Fiverr practice, right? Because once you communicate with someone here on Fiverr you can never communicate with them outside of Fiverr, that is against the Terms of Service.

I think also you need to be careful as a licensed therapist how your information can help or maybe hurt someone that you are communicating with completely anonymously. They will never know your real name, you will never know theirs, etc.

Reply to @theratypist: That is a good question…here in the US we are familiar with all those kinds of tests and it helps to really clarify. My idea of showing some sample questions for two or three of the protfolio slides would help that.