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Completed 1 year

I completed 1 year but still in 1 year i can’t get order what can i do now. Pls help me experts


All the best…have a nice journey

I am not getting order in 1 year what can i do?

I’ve had a quick look at your profile. Overall I think you’ve got a good offering.

Three quick thoughts.

  1. You’re offering a service that lots of other sellers provide. It’s a very competitive field.
  2. I would never encourage people to sell for $5 longterm. However, for a seller with just two feedback ratings - I think your prices are too high (given the immense competition). Maybe try reducing them by half and see if you get some orders. Once you’ve got more feedback (buyer confidence) you could then put your prices up again.
  3. Your level of English is okay (I can understand what you’ve written), but there are a lot of grammar mistakes on your profile and gigs. This could be putting some buyers off.

Good luck. You look like a decent seller - and that’s what Fiverr needs.