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Completed 100 orders in 2 months

Hi Guys,

Completed 100 orders within 2 months of joining Fiverr. Well, it might not be a lot, but still feels as an achievement for me :-bd

hello its been a while have been following you here, i will be interested in your advise on how to make sales or how to make customers order for my gigs please need your help thanks.

That’s no easy feat at all! Way to go. Just having regular sales these days proves that you’re doing something right.

Reply to @solobest: Start by deleting your current gig and creating a new one. Also be specific and clear on what you mention. As I feel, the title and description of your current gig is not much clear. Also avoid confusions like using “I” in some places and “we” in some other places which will not give an assuring impression to the clients. Try using bullet points in the gig description since bullets are an effective way to convey something clearly. Once you have done these, try marketing using social networks like Twitter.

Forgot to mention earlier, complete your profile until it shows 100% completed before you try anything.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Reply to @joethorn: Thanks, do you feel any drop of sales these days? I came across many people complaining. But honestly I did not feel any noticeable change in the flow. If there is a drop, what is the reason as you think?

Hello @ishara94

Tell me something about my gigs so that i can increase my sales .

Need your help !!

see my profile

BTW congrats for achieveing level 2 (y)

Wow! Amazing, congrats :slight_smile:

Reply to @mindwarriorrk: Well, as I can see you have not taken the maximum use of the tags. You can add a “homework” tag for the physics gig also.

And optimize the titles, so that they are simple and will catch the eye at once. Something like: I will do your physics HOMEWORK, will work effectively as I think.

Also a simple gig description will be the most ideal in order to increase sales. Because if a person finds your gig description not clear, complicated or even overly descriptive, there is a chance he / she might move on to another. Stating the facts in point form is an effective way of conveying information

Good luck and have a great journey on Fiverr :-bd

Reply to @nikihiphop: Thanks a lot and wish you also to have a great journey on Fiverr

Reply to @ishara94. You have some really terrific advice. I would love some feedback on my gigs if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

  • Brandon

Reply to @ishara94: thanx

i will consider you good suggestion but in future guide me also


Reply to @ishara94: Now can you check my Profile what is wrong with it. Becuase I have no sales within 5 days .


Congrats on your gigs! your doing things right:)

I just started my gig 5 days ago, I have gotten a few gigs, I want to get your opinion on my site to see if I started correctly.

Since there are many hold a sign gigs, any recommendations on how to stand out?




I have not been getting many customers.

Could you please check out my gig description and profile and tell me

1)what I am doing wrong

2) how to drive traffic to my gigs

This is Great! Keep the nice work dude :slight_smile: