COMPLETED 1000 Orders :D


I just joined Fiverr for fun and added my first gig JUST FOR FUN didn’t know I could earn this much I got a new High-end phone Xperia Z1 when it comes out, a 42" TV on my Room and did lot of stuffs using fiverr money specially did lot of stuffs to make my parents happy, girlfriend and I used fiverr money for orphanage also … Fiverr changed my life big time… I stopped working on local projects now and I am working on FIVERR as a full time designer :D… my next target is to be a TOP RATED SELLER :slight_smile:

check my gigs if you have time :smiley:


Malshan Fonseka


Congratulations!!! Any tips you could or would like to share that helped you succeed?


Reply to @psychicninadia: Thank you Sooo much!!

Create a good Gig image, write a good description with benefits and what you exactly offer from your gig that helps alot to buyer, Always be polite to your buyer, deliver on time and ask to spread your name with their friends, always be helpful. use your BUYER REQUEST and send an offer everyday.

check my gigs how my gig images are created and description is written. don’t worry will get orders

++ Try to offer something people always wants I mean something use day to day work I am a designer so I have lot of jobs out there that helps me alot to complete 1000 orders in 5 months



Way to go !! :slight_smile:


Nice! Good job! Keep on bringing in those sales! You are on the right track to becoming a Top Rated Seller, especially since you have been maintaining your 100% positive feedback! Have you written a story to Fiverr in regards to why you feel you would be a good fit? I see a lot of people seem to do that with great success that take the time to write a story.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank you so much my friend :slight_smile:


Reply to @freelancemm: Hey thank you my friend and could you tell me how to send my story to them?? :slight_smile:


I believe it’s to contact them and send your story, but you might want to wait until a TRS can stop by to verify it or someone can link ya’ to an official thread. That’s what I recall it to be, though. Best of luck!