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Completed 15 order successfully

I’m a New member in the Fiverr marketplace. I can’t pass my best time in Fiverr.
But I’m happy because Today I completed 15 orders.


Great. Thanks for sharing your experience. Wish you good luck with your future orders.


Thank you
Best of luck.
Have a good day
Thank you

Great Achievements. But How many days passed away to complete this orders?

I created my fiverr account about 6 months. But I only work just about 3 months.

I am new too. But I am now on Day 62 and completed 9 Order and on processing One Oder. I planed a target to achieve 20+ Order in 90 days. But I can’t find the way for getting more order. Can you share your experience to getting the orders?


congratulations!! keep going and keep doing your best work


Not so bad. 2 months 9 order completed.
Try to complete 10 bid everyday form buyer request. But it’s really hard. Buyer request job is really hard I think.
Only one way. If your gig will rank to 1-2 pages so you can get more job everyday I hope.
But try to improve your skill.
And try to share your gig to you social channel.

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Thank you @ashik_arifa

Firstly, I have Completed 9 Orders that all is 5 star with tips. But none of this order are not from any bids or buyer requests. Also, My 2 gigs are stay on first and second pages. Now I try to get my client from social media or blogs about my gig related platform.

But I think It’s really easy to complete 20+ orders within 1 or 1.5 months.
But why you complete only 9 orders I can’t understand.
If my gig will to 1 or 2 pages so I will promote to seller 2 within 2-3 months

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How can passed this days? I am waiting to get more orders.

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I hope you will get many order.
Have a good day.
thank you for connecting to me.

Thanks too. also I will wait for your best success.

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congratulation,i hope recently you across 50 orders.give me some tips i am a newbie,please inspired me

Great go ahead, have a good day.

Hope you can do more than that.

ok go ahead.i want it is top rated saller

That awesome bro…congo on your success , great future lies ahead of you…all the best