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Completed 1k+ orders


2017 is saying good bye and with that I just Completed 1k+ orders finally… A milestone to end a year and start new year with new resolution is to multiply it with 3 and make it 3k next year.

Happy new year to Amazing community of fiverr…


That is amazing! Congrats!

I’ll post back here when I’ll reach 1k+ orders :wink:

Wishing you the best.



You’ve conquered an ahh-mazing milestone. :tada::balloon:

Cheers! :star2:


Great. I´m glad for you, Zubair. :four_leaf_clover: for your resolution, but I don´t think you really need much luck for it, apart from perhaps against the one or other bug, good work pays off. :slight_smile:


Keep up the good work! :sunglasses:


I’m at 920 right now. I’ll hope to reach 100 in the next 2 months.
By the way, if you are getting many orders right now, don’t you consider rising your prices, so you do less work and earn the same amount??


I was out of work/orders for last 2 weeks, So my orders are always random i.e on and off… My prices are already reasonable enough considering the time I give to freelancing… Sometimes I get more orders than I could handle…I consider raising prices then, but that span is usually very short so I have decided to stay constant i.e reasonable with my prices…


Congrats zubair bhai. It’s good to hear you hit 1k+


Awesome!! 3k is too long to go :wink: but Good Luck with sell :dollar:


Good luck.
Happy for you


@zubairfb Congratulations!! Hope to get there some day! :slight_smile:


Its really difficult to reach 1k order