Completed 2 orders in 2 months... earned $76! Don't know good or bad?


I joined Fiverr almost two months ago and got just two orders first for $5 and next for $75 and i completed them much before time got good reviews but now after that i am not getting new orders. I don’t know what is gonna happen next?


That’s incredible! So I’d say that’s amazing!


Thanks but i 'm not getting any new orders.:sweat:


2 orders in 2 month very bad 72 dollars.
It should be 15 order in month price 5 dollars will be good.


bro if there is a trick to get orders do tell me


No trick dear share your GiG in social media and use buyer request option in daily basis.


All of have to do is never to lose hope!
There is always a better option, go search that
I just wanna say CONGRATULATIONS to you for your start of life with such amazing experience.
May you have a greater journey ahead!