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Completed 30 days and got 34 orders as a new seller


Hi there !
I am new seller on fiverr and today i completed my 30 days and got 34 order here on fiverr.

My Aim of writing here :-
When i come here on forum then i find that a bunch of new seller are asking for - how to get order , i did not get order from last 1 month , how to set a good description and many others question .

I know i am not a top rated seller but may be i can help some new seller and as i am new seller so i know very well that how to get orders .

Now how to get orders :- First of all always remember that - Your success = 60% smart work + 40% hard work.

  • Most important things is that your service should be very and very eye catching because many of the people here on fiverr who are in level one or two also doing same with the same $5 so why anyone will come for your gig .

  • Your gig should be unique and write the description as like if anyone come then he/she do not get to bore means should be clear and to the point .( You can see my gig description )

  • I got my first order from facebook , And even i got total 12 orders from facebook and other social media so always post your services at all place where possible , i repeat every where possible .And also search for some group on facebook , for example - I am making whiteboard animation video then i will join businesses group because all business man and companies are searching for video advertisement.

  • And BUYER REQUEST is also a most important , i got all the rest 24 orders from buyer request , but as a new seller why anyone will hire you ? - so the answer is simple that your services will be very and very eye catching as i have already tell .

  • I have seen that many seller are sending the offer without reading the instruction given by buyers . But i will recommend that first read carefully and if he/she provided any link then visit there and then send offer if you can do it . And then send them offer and talk about the service which they want , by this buyer will trust at you and come with you .

  • I got TIP by my buyer too and even i got it two times $10 and $5 respectively and this will happen when your service will be best and the best .

  • Always try to give extra to the buyer by this they will repeat you and even my 4 buyers have repeated me .



Thanks for the tips.
Can you provide me facebook or social media groups where i will be promoted my gig…
Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for contacting.
Even I don’t know that I can share the link here on forum because fiverr
not allow this and it will be violation of fiverr TOS .
But I can suggest you to how you can get the groups .
Let you are providing the animation video so you have to simply search for
business groups on Facebook and you will get , and also search for
animation video group and related to it .
And post your services daily .


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


How did you know that those 12 Orders were from Facebook. Did the client tell you?


@umerkhawer ,
No brother , they did not tell me at fiverr but when i posted my video on facebook then they comment on facebook for video and after some communication they was agree with me and asked me for payment , and then i send him the link of custom offer …



Welcome , and if you have any question then feel free to ask …


Think you thank%20you


It’s a motivation for new sellers…
Really so much helpful <3
Thank you for share your experience with us :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:




Agree with that
The post is quiet helpfull for newbies…


Thanks to all of you guys . Best of luck for your fiverr success .


Congratulations! Your first month experience was great.