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Completed 300 review

Today I am feeling happy … Just i have completed 300 review on fiverr … it is an amazing feeling and encourage me to do more and more work.

Thank you


Congrats !! :slight_smile:

Yay, congratulations! You can only go up from there!

Gz, should be easier from now on. The first reviews are always the toughest :slight_smile:

I’m going to nitpick, but this isn’t a “Tip For Sellers”.

Edited because the “t” on my keyboard is moody. :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: Ha! I haven’t seen you around in a while. I’ve missed your wit.

Also, massive congratulations to @mallika255.

Reply to @odbtec:

Thank You!!

Reply to @alliemadison12:

Thank You!!

Reply to @gazmo_seo:

Thank You!!

Reply to @itsyourthing:

I will change it. I didn’t understand what you want to say.

Reply to @mrproofreading:

Thank You!!

Reply to @itsyourthing: pokes you with a huge plane

Reply to @mrproofreading: Thanks! I’ve missed being here! (Well, mostly you and a few of the other regs, the forum shenanigans, not so much!)

Reply to @kay2809: Nothing like a Euclidean geometry reference to make my day! :wink:

Reply to @mallika255: Thanks for moving the post - it makes it easier for peeps who are looking for tips instead of just good news. Congrats!

Reply to @mallika255: Great job on sales and on moving the post! @itsyourthing is correct that it’s easier on everyone (especially new people) if “news” posts are placed in Fiverr Stories or Conversations. Thanks and grats!

Reply to @kay2809: Kay! Speaking of missing folks… :slight_smile:

Well done, M. :slight_smile:

Congrats :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: