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Completed 5 projects successfully


Hello everyone,
Day by day I’m doing well on fiverr. Already completed 5 projects successfully. My target is to be a LEVEL 1 seller within 2 months.

Thank you so much






Gig video ta kon software diye kora apii? (native language)

English: Hi there, I like your gig video very much. can you till me how did you made that video, I mean by which software ?


Hi @rasheduzzaman57 ,

The default language of this Forum is English. Therefore, it would be appreciated if you could kindly post your messages in English.

This is done to ensure that Forum users from all over the world have a greater chance of reading and understanding what is being said on this public platform.

Alternatively, if you still want to continue talking in your language of choice, you can continue to do so IF you also provide an English translation along with your posts.



Thank you so much for your appreciation


Thank you so much for your interest. Gig video was created by adobe after effect.