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Completed 5 Years Journey with Fiverr family :) Experiencing freedom with Fiverr

Hello friends, this the month I was found fiverr on google search engine 2015. The time I was in a job place. Yet, slowly I started work on fiverr and found the support of my earning. And finally on 2016 I left my job.

Thanks to Fiverr who every time gave me work, support & challenges to grow up as a freelancer. I always graceful to Fiverr and its team. Would like to work honestly on Fiverr.

I don’t know how I can celebrate my happiness with all of you! So writing on the community.


Thats amazing bro…your story can inspire new sellers, who feel quitting is the only way out…well congratulations on your great success…wishing you all the best ahead

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congratulations bro
because my old accounts will be banned after 1 month
can you suggest me some tips that will not ban my account
thank you

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That is amazing. Congratz !!!

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In 5 years you only get 79 review. Was these order enough for leading your livelihood? Is fiverr your only income source?

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Do not use fiverr suspicious.

Yes imrul! 79 review is there but I have completed 101 project in 5 years some of the client do not given review. Fiverr is my only work platform where from I work. Yes, past couple of year I did not earn much from fiverr. the time I use to work in local market too. but now a days I have decrease local market work and fully concentrate on my fiverr service.

congratulations bro… :star_struck:

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can you explain