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Completed 500 orders on Fiverr

Hi Everyone, I successfully completed 500 orders on Fiverr in a single year !

But I have looked into my top selling gig that its impressions started decreasing rapidly, what could be the possible reason for it?

What steps I should take to regain the impressions. My gig ranking is still the same ! Gig is ranked yet.

Professionals opinion is needed in this regard


People are probably just losing interest in what you do, because if your ranking is the same then this must be why

But I am still ranked, Impressions are going down rapidly ! I dont know what can help it. Any suggestions???

Congrats on hitting that milestone of completed orders man! I’ve just been here a few weeks and only on my 5th order rn so I’m not the one to dish out advice. I noticed my impressions went down today but I also got a new order from a buyer request today. I try not to be too bothered by this though especially since I noticed the data on the app and when I use my computer sometimes vary.